EE’s Weekly Roundup: December 6th

Dec 6, 2016

Wondering what you missed last week in the wonderful world of esports? We’ve assembled a list of the top stories, available for you to read at your leisure. Welcome to the Weekly Roundup.

League of Legends Off-Season Madness

Why Immortals Messed up by Letting Huni Go

Unicorns Of Love

Even following the UoL’s success at IEM Oakland, their jungler, Move, was released to free agency.


Two players of Splyce’s winning recipe decided to sign on for another year. Splyce didn’t take Worlds last year but their performance was a shock to everyone.

TSM and Weldon Green

TSM released their sports psychologist, Weldon Green, from his full time position. They’ve stated that they benefit much more from using his services during tournaments.

League of Legends – Esports Industry

Some seriously good advice on taking good advice.

You don’t order steak from a Chinese food restaurant, why take advice from someone who has no business giving advice?

Why we shouldn’t build our professional teams around ‘Shiny Things’

We witnessed TSM bring together a team of shiny things at the beginning of last year. It didn’t work as expected. What’s the secret recipie for successful team building?

The Boston Major

Five Reasons to Root for Team Faceless at the Boston Major

Key points to follow during the Boston Major

Visas, Visas and More Visas

Visa issues are nothing new to Dota 2 esports, why hasn’t much changed?

The Boston Major changes things up with a new host.

CS:GO host, Machine, has been hosting since group stages and has been doing rather well.


Gambit Wins DreamHack Winter Despite Expectations

Ready to spend $300 on glove skins?

If you haven’t already noticed in game, there are some snazzy new gloves floating around the market.

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

The Five Most Useless Cards in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Rogues potentially replace Priest as the mysterious ‘9th’ class.

Some decks that are already making a statement since the expansions release.

Overwatch Updates and Analysis

The New Overwatch Spectator Problem: A Casual-Pro Gap

Finally… Symmetra Rework…

Symmetra has been in the PTR for a while now showing off a fancy, fine-tuned kit.

Hardware and Game Reviews

Maize Review: A Cornucopia of Surprises

In WIN 303 Review: Tempered Glass and Honey Comb

Jung’s Wednesday Rant

Jung’s Wednesday Rant: The “Kill Yourself” Problem

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