Gamer Gloves being used on a keyboard.
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Product Review: Gamer Gloves

May 1, 2018
(Featured image by Esports Edition.)

When you hear the term “gaming gloves,” what do you think of? Most people might think it’s a ruse, but I’m here to tell you that’s not true. I got a chance to try some out so you’ll know exactly what to expect if you decide to grab a pair for yourself.

Esports Edition received some gaming gloves from a company called Gamer Gloves (so accurate!) According to their website, their goal is to “enhance the user experience [for gamers] by creating gloves that wick away moisture, maintain blood flow and provide grip in critical areas as well as situations.” That’s quite the promise, so we set out to see whether or not they delivered.

The Gamer Gloves Experience

Right off the bat you can tell that the gloves are made from a good material. They’re very thin, skin tight, and actually pretty comfortable to wear. They’re also touch screen compatible, which is very handy considering you won’t have to take off your gloves if you need to use your phone in between games. The only negative aspect for me was that the thumb felt too long at the ends, and resulted in a bit of pointy material that was annoying at times.

Gamer Gloves with a Play Station controller.
Image by Esports Edition.

But of course, the biggest question you likely have is this: How do they feel when you’re playing a game?

Using a Controller

I tested the gloves on a controller by playing some Rocket League. Playing with the controller felt pretty natural. It took very little time to get used to having the gloves on while playing. The gloves added more grip when using the trigger buttons and, overall, it was easier to hold the controller and press all of the right buttons.

When it comes to gaming on consoles, there weren’t any negatives to the gloves. If anything, it might just take a bit of time to get used to for the average gamer.

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Using a Keyboard and Mouse

I tested the gloves on my computer by playing League of Legends. Would they help me land more hooks on Blitzcrank? I had to find out!

Using the gloves while playing with a keyboard and mouse definitely took a lot more adjustments. When using my keyboard, I felt that it was harder to recognize whether or not the right keys were being pressed. It felt like I lost my sense of touch and my movements weren’t as precise as I wanted them to be. However, my other hand using my mouse was fine. The gloves helped with my grip, and there were no issues. Most of the time I ended up playing with just one glove on my right hand (for my mouse), and kept my left hand bare.

Overall Recommendations

The best part about Gamer Gloves is that they really do keep your hands warm. I always game in my basement, so getting cold hands is a serious problem. For other games who experience this, I would really recommend trying out the gloves, because they will keep your hands ready to play. Plus, the material will also ensure your hands don’t sweat.

Overall, I felt that they were much harder to use on my computer with a keyboard and mouse (specifically the keyboard) than with a controller on a console. They worked perfectly when I played consoles games. As a result, I would recommend Gamer Gloves to people who prefer console games over computer games.

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