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Melee vs. ranged laning isn't easy, but if you're patient and pay attention to your matchup, it's not the end of the world.

League of Legends: The Melee vs. Ranged Laning Bible

When you lane against a ranged champion as a melee, your opponent starts the game with a huge advantage. Any time you step into their range, you're eligible to take free damage. This is most dangerous in early game: pre-6, when...
Earning IP doesn't have to be a chore.

League of Legends: The Fastest Ways to Earn IP

Influence points, or IP, are the currency used in League of Legends for unlocking champions and purchasing runes. If you're still getting your bearings on Summoner's Rift, earning IP can feel like a chore. Thankfully, you can take matters in to...
In this screenshot, a bot is on the receiving end of a Zeus taser zap. It doesn't end well for our automated friend.

Tase Me, Bro: How to Effectively Use the Zeus in CS:GO

If we look at the category of "guns you should only use in certain situations," the undisputed king of CS:GO is the game's ridiculous taser, the Zeus x27. It's got a range that's barely better than the knife, and only fires a...
Warding is a team effort, especially when it comes to top lane vision.

League of Legends: Top Lane Vision Guide

Early game vision does more than just spot a ganking jungler. Having vision enables you to make opportune trades in lane, or choose favorable skirmishes over camps. If you can ward the jungler at his starting camp, you will...
Janna is one of the strongest support champions in Patch 7.14.

League of Legends: The Best Supports in Patch 7.14

Last week, we talked about the basic functions and abilities of support champions in League of Legends: initiation, disengage, healing, shielding, pick-offs, general protection, tankiness, damage, and crowd control. To give that list some context, I'd like to talk...
Path of Exile Best League Starter Builds

Path of Exile: The Best League Starter Builds

The new Path of Exile league starts up in a few weeks, and players are already starting to plan their builds. There are a lot of factors it's important to consider for your first build, but the most important thing is...
Want to find a good support champion to master? Evaluate what their abilities can offer a team.

League of Legends: What Makes a Good Support Champion?

Support players in League of Legends are tasked with controlling vision, peeling for the ADC or other carries, and making sure that they're picking a champion who suits the needs of the team. Supports don't generally farm, and while they...
What's the best way to learn new CS:GO maps?

Guide: The Best Way to Learn New CS:GO Maps

When there isn't an Operation going on, the roster of popular CS:GO maps is fairly small. But when a new Operation launches, players have access to a new collection of maps. The appeal of new maps seems to fade quickly, and...
Is the UMP-45 still overpowered?

The UMP-45 Nerf: Is It Still Overpowered?

On May 23rd, Valve put in place a patch that nerfed the UMP-45. It was a long time coming. At the professional level, the UMP-45 has been overpowered for quite some time. When it was revealed that the UMP was...
Don't build the same items in every single game of League of Legends. Being flexible with your itemization is an important skill.

League of Legends Guide: Itemization and Build Flexibility

The process of itemization begins at level one. But choosing what items to buy--and the order to buy them in--is often overlooked, even by professionals. In the LCS, for example, we saw NV LirA build Mercury Treads against a triple marksman composition. Of course,...
An overhead view of Summoner's Rift.

League of Legends: How to Stop Feeding

Feeding, at least in League of Legends, can be loosely defined as an avoidable death where the cost of your death exceeds any potential benefit to your team. Feeding is occasionally done intentionally to grief teammates, but for many newer...
Optimizing your hotkeys in League of Legends is one of the easiest ways to increase your in-game efficiency.

League of Legends: Hotkey Guide for Advanced Players

If you've ever watched the hands of a professional League of Legends player while they're competing, you might have noticed that their keyboard seems different than yours. It's not just the spiffy lighting of a Logitech G Pro or a...