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Tase Me, Bro: How to Effectively Use the Zeus in CS:GO

Aug 4, 2017

If we look at the category of “guns you should only use in certain situations,” the undisputed king of CS:GO is the game’s ridiculous taser, the Zeus x27. It’s got a range that’s barely better than the knife, and only fires a single shot before you have to drop it. It’s a weird weapon, to say the least, and today we’re going to be talking about how to use it as effectively as possible.

The Zeus x27: Fast FactsCS:GO's taser, the Zeus x27.

The Zeus x27 is a one shot, one kill taser, with an effective range of 183-230 hammer units. At below 183 hammer units, the weapon will one shot an enemy. At between 183 and 230 units, the Zeus will do significant damage, but won’t kill the poor sap you just zapped. At distances over 230 hammer units, the Zeus does absolutely nothing.

Hammer units are the measurement unit used by all games running Source engine — 1 hammer unit is roughly equivalent to 1/16 of a foot (1.904 centimeters). For context, your left-click knife attack has a range of 64 hammer units, and the right-click knife range is 48.

With these niche characteristics in mind, what is the Zeus actually good for?

How to Use the Zeus

If your primary and/or secondary weapon is out of ammo and you want to use the Zeus to get a guaranteed kill on someone coming your way, your best bet is to hide around a corner and zap them as soon as they come into view. If you pair it with a flashbang (or sit inside of a smoke), the Zeus can be used effectively.

The surprise factor is arguably the strongest selling point of the Zeus. Due to its abysmal range, you should set up for cheeky Zeus plays in confined areas — the air ducts on Assault, Apartments on Inferno, and the vents on Nuke that connect the map’s two bombsites are all good places to whip out your taser. Keep in mind that there’s no kill reward for the Zeus, and if you can use your knife to secure a kill, you’ll line your pockets with a nice cash bonus. The Zeus can also be used to embarrass your enemies and tilt the other team. How did a fully-armored, rifle-toting soldier die to a taser?

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Overall, the Zeus should only be used as a last resort. The short range makes it awful in almost every situation, and the fact that you’ve only got one shot before you’re out of ammo means that if you don’t kill your target immediately, you’re done for. The Zeus is only $200, which is definitely on the cheaper side, but again, there’s no kill reward, and chances are, you’ll be happier and better off using a knife.

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