Tips and Tricks

If you want to tweak your CS:GO crosshair, the game has a variety of tools that you can use to change almost everything. Players can choose the size of the crosshair gap, the crosshair thickness, and whether or not the crosshair dot occupies valuable real estate in the center of it.

Guide: How to Create the Perfect CS:GO Crosshair

If you love Counter-Strike, you've probably spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to tweak your set-up and get it just right. Tinkering with your config is as much a staple of the popular esports franchise as its iconic Dust...
Most Important League of Legends Runes

The 20 Most Important League of Legends Runes

Runes are a major IP sink. If you're getting into ranked League of Legends or just hit level 20, you should probably be thinking about your runes and rune pages. I’ve hand-selected the best starter runes, as well as how...
League of Legends Pings - How to Use Smart Pings

League of Legends: How to Use Smart Pings to Win Games

Riot has expanded the Smart Ping system to allow players to ping their spell cooldowns, jungle timers, and even gold and item status by alt-clicking the user HUD. The original smart pings (Danger, Enemy Missing, etc) are still important...

The Value of Patience: Power Spikes in League of Legends

The ability to play patiently is an important part of any good player’s repertoire. Knowing when to be cautious requires map awareness and game knowledge, but sometimes the most effective path to victory requires you to wait until your...

Halloween Loot Boxes: Blizzard Makes Amends

Learning from the Past In August, Blizzard released the three-week long event, Summer Games. The event brought a Rocket League-esque game mode and over 100 new collectibles that were exclusive to Summer Games loot boxes. The boxes could be purchased at the same...

Teemo Picked in LCK: Lessons to Be Learned

It turns out that professional Korean League of Legends players are more similar to us than many would think, particularly in the trolling trait. On back to back days, LCK top laners have managed to accidentally select Teemo in...

Master Yourself, BM the Enemy

Sometimes after a massive outplay I feel so 'swole' that I want nothing more than to flex on my enemies. Unlike first-person shooters where inappropriate actions involving a hot drink made from leaves can be executed, League of...

Tons of Trinity Force – the Best Item?

Riot's game patch 6.11 made a fairly significant change to Trinity Force, and the metagame has truly started to reflect this one alteration. Whereas the old recipe called for a Sheen + Phage + Zeal + 200 gold, the new recipe...

Top Tier Team-Killing Champions

Are you the type of person who enjoys seeing their friends rot away in despair? Does the anger of others humor you? We've made a collection of champions for you, best suited to sabotage your own team. Champions like Dr....

It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Swain!

The bird is back - not Quinn. The 'OG' Master Tactician, Swain, has returned to the meta once again, almost exclusively as a top laner. Not only is he one of the top 10 most banned champions, but also...

Top Five Most Dangerous Gaming Snacks

  Throughout my collegiate adventures I have, at times, adopted a disgustingly unhealthy lifestyle. Beyond almost completely losing my muscle definition at times, I have also managed to nearly pass out from lack of sleep, hydration, and nutrition. I've logged...

Hextech Ezreal – League’s Hottest New Midlaner

I'm here to bring you the next hot topic on Summoner's Rift - the sleeper pick that you haven't - and probably will never see - in professional League of Legends play. It's... Ezreal! It's not just any Ezreal though....