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These are our favorite AFK builds in Path of Exile: AFK Balls, Scorching Ray Blocker, and Golemancer.

The Best AFK Builds in Path of Exile

We know how weird that sounds. AFK builds? What are they, bots? No, but in Path of Exile, you can set yourself up to become virtually invincible with the right items/stats/skills. Some of these builds also deal damage back...
Knowing how to maximize the effectiveness of your champions passive abilities is an easy way to dominate the other team.

The Best Passive Abilities in League of Legends

For many League of Legends players, passive abilities are often an afterthought when assessing a champion's kit. However, if you want to play a champion to their fullest potential, it's crucial to understand--and master--their passive abilities. In the early...
Four quick tips for reviewing your League of Legends replays.

Four Quick Tips for Reviewing League of Legends Replays

In 2017, Riot Games has given you all the tools. Gone are the days of 'lolreplay bug splat' errors. If you somehow missed the forty million memos: we have in-client replays. Joe wrote an article a few weeks ago...
Path of Exile is full of confusing acronyms, and this article offers a list of definitions designed to help you understand what everyone's talking about.

Path of Exile Acronyms: Gameplay, Items, and Skills

One of the hardest parts about getting into a new activity is simply understanding what everyone else is talking about, and there are few hobbies where this problem is as pronounced as it is in video gaming. Other players...
When should you be aggressive on CT side in CS:GO?

Making the Most of CT Side Aggression in CS:GO

Being aggressive when you're playing as a Counter-Terrorist in CS:GO is difficult--if you don't time your aggression correctly, it's likely to backfire. There are specific times (and situations) when you need to be aggressive to win a round. There...
Losing Streak CS:GO

How to Stop a Losing Streak in CS:GO

From basketball to baseball to esports, losing streaks are a reality in any competitive game. Victory depends upon a number of factors ranging anywhere from team contribution to just plain luck. As such, it is not uncommon to find...
The techniques used by Borp, a Smash Bros. player, can help us get better at League of Legends.

Stupid Simple: “Borp”-ing through League of Legends

I don't care what you play now, because if you were born before the 2000s, chances are you've played Super Smash Bros' Melee. For those who don't know, it's an obscenely mechanical game at the top level. We're talking...
Analyze League of Legends Replays like a pro.

How to Analyze Your League of Legends Replays

A common piece of advice given to players who want to get better is to “watch replays of their games.” In previous versions of League of Legends, there was no easy way to do this. Now that Riot has...
League of Legends Playmaking Champions Strategies Examples

The Definitive Guide to Playmaking in League of Legends

In League of Legends, playmaking begins with an assessment of the current game state. When you're trying to make a play, it's important that your team doesn't allocate more resources than necessary, otherwise you'll expose yourself to retaliation across...
The best resources, strategies, and tools for improving at Dota 2.

Resources, Strategies, and Tools for Getting Better at Dota

Want to become a better player, but don't know where to start? Me neither, most of the time. Finding a place to start training your Dota skills can be difficult, if not downright intimidating. In many ways, mastering competitive gaming is...
Training your aim in CS:GO isn't easy, but there are plenty of tools designed to help players.

Boom, Headshot: Aim Training in CS:GO

Having good aim is one of the key aspects of being a successful Counter-Strike player. Being able to hit your target, regardless of whether they're strafing or standing still, is a vital skill that every player needs to master in...

Six Ways to Improve Your Map Awareness in League of Legends

Good map awareness in League of Legends means paying attention to the game state: what the other nine players are building, where they are on the map, and what they're doing. Map awareness allows you to make informed decisions, like what...