Shadow Demon Patch

Dota 6.88C: The Post-TI Patch

Patch 6.88C The customary post-TI patch is out and it's only a small one for now. With 6.88b providing the most versatile metagame ever, and the big release of the final DotA 1 hero, Underlord, ready to shake things up in pubs,...
Templar Assassin Guide

How to Master Templar Assassin

Templar Assassin Templar Assassin has got to be one of the most underplayed mid heroes in Dota 2. Whilst she's a common situational pick for many pro players, in pub games Lanaya's perceived difficulty and nuanced abilities means heroes like...

The Heroes to Watch at TI6

With the International 2016 only a couple of weeks away, it looks like patch 6.88b is going to provide us with this year's metagame. Will this patch greatly shift the fortunes of the top Dota sides like OG and Team Liquid? With...

4 Ways to Tilt the Other Team

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the primary form of psychological warfare is trash talk. It's simple, and it works--if your opponents are constantly telling you how much you "suck" and asking you how much you tagged the wall for, it can be easy...

Dota 2: How to Get a Rampage

Wiping out the enemy team all by yourself is perhaps the most rewarding feeling there is for any Dota 2 player, prized even more highly than actually winning the game for a lot of people. Even the most experienced of...
The dankest grenade throws this side of MLG.

8 Ways to Make Decoy Grenades Suck Less

Decoding the Decoy Fake flash. Decoy grenades look almost exactly like flashbangs--the only difference between the two, is the color of the stripe in the middle of the grenade model. If you're playing against enemies who are likely to have...

How to Play with a Split Pusher

Like any game, there are dozens of different strategies and ways to play Heroes of the Storm. Knowing when to employ specific strategies and how to play around your teammates is crucial, especially in a game that’s all about...
Nader? I hardly know 'er!

Nade Stacking 101

Welcome back, dear readers. Earlier in the week we reviewed some advanced tactics for Counter-Terrorist eco rounds. In case you missed it--shame on you--one of the topics we covered was "nade stacking." I'll explain it again here, but thankfully, I've found some...
eco it up bois let's do it c'mon full save let's effin' go boys

Money Talks #1: Optimizing Your Counter-Terrorist Eco Rounds

Congratulations! You just lost your CT pistol round! What now? Well, you're going to have to eco. There are three different economic options available to you. You could do a full force-buy on your second round, purchasing upgraded pistols, Kevlar,...

Who Is the Best Offlaner in Dota 6.87?

The Life as an Offlaner Heading over to the offlane all by yourself is perhaps the most intimidating task in Dota 2. You know you're going to be outnumbered, possibly even facing three, and it's no surprise that you'll often hear...

Slark Guide for 6.87

Slark the Nightcrawler has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in Dota 6.87, with high win rates in both public and competitive games. He was already a viable carry in the previous patch, and we saw some...

Dota 2: My Quest for Improvement

For me, there's a frustrating disconnect when it comes to sports. I understand the rules of tennis and some of the finer points, like putting spin on the ball. But when it comes to actually executing the motion, I...