Dota 2: A Guide to Farming Efficiency

Mastering effective farming patterns is possibly the fastest way you can improve your Dota play, whether you’re a carry player or a support, since with more gold and more items your contribution to team fights will skyrocket and establishing an...

Dota 2: How to Conquer the Mid Lane

"Mid pls" – it's the first thing you'll see written in the team chat of most games of Dota you play. There's a certain glamour attached to the mid role that makes it stand out from the rest and it's understandable...

Substitute Players in ARTS MOBAs – What’s the Best Strategy?

Substitute Players on Dota/LoL Rosters I finally had a chance to catch some live tournament matches during Starladder i-League this weekend. One highlight of the Grand Finals between NaVi (yes, you read that correctly) and ViciGaming.Reborn was VG.R substitute/coach Mikasa's...
Wondering how to counter jungle? This guide has all the info you're looking for.

League of Legends Guide: How to Counter Jungle

The jungle role in League of Legends is complicated and comes with a variety of different responsibilities. As you climb the ranks, you will notice there are a variety of different playstyles used by all the junglers you meet....
Don't Fear The Baiter

Bait Two Mates for a CT Eco Win on Inferno’s B Bombsite

Gather close, gentle readers. Today, I'm going to share something very special to me with all of you. No, it's not a sandwich. It's the best PUG strat ever invented--I mean that in all seriousness--and it's snagged me more...

Dota 2: Advanced Tips to Learn from the Pros

How do I raise my MMR? It's the classic question that everyone asks after a losing streak and clearly for most players there's no quick way to take your play to the next level. You'll hear players tell you...

Fantasy LCS – Resources for Team Planning and Strategies

So I'm the resident Dota 2 writer around here. As most people know, Dota and League have a pretty fierce rivalry. At great risk of being labeled a turncoat, I decided to participate in this year's Fantasy LCS along...
Olof-stone? Cobblepass?

Booster Shot #2: The Cobblestone Manifesto

Welcome to the second installment of Booster Shot, an article series where I--your ever-stalwart Counter-Strike reporter--explore and explain unique, highly situational, and mostly useless boosts in excruciating detail. Plus, this week I found a map-breaking boost. It's at the...

The Weapons Course: CS:GO’s Hidden Tutorial Broke Me

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has always been sorely lacking in the tutorial department. For a game with complex and often counter-intuitive mechanics, this can be a serious hurdle for new players--even if you're an experienced FPS player, the fact that...

How to Snag an Eco Win on Mirage’s A Bombsite

Here's a challenge--load up a game of Matchmaking in CS:GO and see many rounds you can play before a teammate complains about being "baited." It shouldn't take too long. And if the game goes sour, you can bet your Asiimov that...

Playing Safe: The Value of Survival

Say you’ve loaded up Heroes of the Storm a few times, maybe you’ve got a good hang of the talents and map objectives and found a couple of Heroes you like. You understand the basics of how to win...

How to Train Your Dragon Knight

Heroes of the Storm is well known for its unique map objectives, forcing teams to work together to achieve victory. Whether it be to summon a Punisher, channel a Temple’s power or even to capture tributes and gain the...