Dota 2: How to Get a Rampage

Jun 12, 2016

Wiping out the enemy team all by yourself is perhaps the most rewarding feeling there is for any Dota 2 player, prized even more highly than actually winning the game for a lot of people. Even the most experienced of us have probably only ever had a handful of Rampages, if any, and we’d all love to get a few more. Of course, there is no easy way to achieve such a feat but let’s take a look at the heroes that are best suited to getting five or more kills in a short space of time.


A teamfight specialist with plenty of area-of-effect damage, Kunkka is fully capable of getting a one hit rampage with a high damage build. Tidebringer alone is enough to kill off all five enemy heroes if you’ve got a Daedalus or two and get a lucky crit, but Ghostship also gives you a chance to net multiple kills early on in the game before you’re farmed up. Kunkka is a genuinely decent hero in 6.87 as well, so there’s never been a better time to get practising with the Admiral himself.


Unlike Kunkka, getting a rampage with Slark is a more drawn out process, but he’s a great hero for getting multiple kills in quick succession. Not only does Slark pack huge amounts of low cool-down burst damage from early on in the game, stacks of Essence Shift mean he gets stronger the longer fights go on and he’s got enough mobility to chase down anyone who tries to get away. If you start snowballing early and get on top of the enemy team without being locked down then with a bit of luck you’ll be able to turn a multi-kill team fight into a Rampage before long.

Templar Assassin

For a talented Templar Assassin player, getting a Rampage is on the cards in any game when she can get off to a good start. Provided you don’t pick her into a bad match-up (avoid Venomancers and illusion heroes) and use her Psi Blades to farm up an early Desolator and Blink Dagger, then you’ll be able to rip through enemy sides before they’re ready to deal with you. Meld Strike gives her a short cool-down ability for bursting down enemy heroes whilst her Psionic Traps will help you catch any stragglers. Thanks to her capacity to come online so quickly, those 20-30 minutes team fights can give you dozens of fast kills.

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Sven’s ability to Great Cleave through line-ups in a few strokes means he’s a strong contender to get a Rampage when you’ve got enough control on your side to lock the enemy heroes down. He’s particularly strong against melee line-ups, since they frequently struggle to kite him, but your best bet is to pick him when you’ve got some area-of-effect disable on your team: Dark Seer and Enigma in particular can set-up easy multi-kills for Sven.

Ember Spirit

Similar to Sven, Ember Spirit’s cleave damage with Sleight of Fist means he’s capable of mowing down enemy sides once he’s got some decent farm. With a few Daedaluses and Battle Furies, maybe even a Divine Rapier or two, you’ll be able to spam out Sleight of Fist every six seconds to carve apart the enemy side. If they all group up it’s possible to kill them all in one attack, but otherwise you can use Fire Remnants and Searing Chains to dance around the enemy side in between your cleave attacks.

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