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The 10 Most Difficult League of Legends Champions

Rather than list 10 Champions in order of increasing difficulty, I’ve selected the two most difficult League of Legends champions for each role: one mechanically demanding Champion and one 'game sense' Champion. In other words, we've got two buckets: in one...
Overwatch Observing Obstacle Ana Amari

The Easiest Overwatch Heroes for Beginners

With a player base of over 35 million, Overwatch is among the fastest growing video games of all time. With a population this large (and still growing), there's always going to be plenty of new players. Some Overwatch newcomers might be experienced with traditional...
Invoker Dota 2

Dota 2: Hardest Heroes to Play Against in 7.08

There are always going to heroes that are difficult to play against. Who are those heroes? It will often depend on your particular play style: you might be a skilled melee player, but have a hard time going up...
Why was Universe kicked from EG?

Universe Kicked from EG: Scapegoating or Stroke of Genius?

Saahil "Universe" Arora used to play offlane for North America's top Dota 2 team, Evil Geniuses (EG). Universe currently has the third highest career earnings of all esports players. He's played Dota 2 professionally since the game's inception in 2011....
Who cares about tournaments when all the biggest teams aren't in attendance?

Do Dota 2 Fans Care about Unfamiliar Players and New Teams?

Teams are fickle in esports. The once-great bromances between players fade, and our favorite combos break up and move on to greener pastures. We're forced to put away our team jerseys and pick up the banner of our favorite...

Dota 2 Counterpicking Guide: Draft Your Way to Victory

Counterpicking is hard to deal with. We've all been there before. You queue and find a match. Teammates are alright. You actually get to pick the position you prefer. Seems good so far. But the instant you lock in your...
The biggest and best Dota 2 drama 2017 edition.

The Biggest and Best Dota 2 Drama of 2017

2017 is coming to a close, so it's time to reflect on the myriad of drama we've been treated to this past year in the world of Dota 2. Here are some of the more notable debacles. Personalities and Players Nara Admittedly,...
How and when should teams be able to pause in professional Dota 2?

Dota 2: How and When Should Pro Teams Be Allowed to Pause?

Pauses are a contentious issue in professional Dota 2 matches. Unfortunately, the vast majority of pauses you sees in matches are usually accompanied by an excuse along the lines of "sry lag." Obviously, lag is a bigger problem in teamfights...
Runes Reforged combines the old rune and mastery systems from League of Legends into one streamlined tool.

Runes Reforged: A Brave New Frontier

The League of Legends offseason is always a time of uncertainty. The old guard North American teams are shaking up their rosters: TSM dropped Doublelift and Biofrost, CLG parted ways with Aphromoo, and C9 are saying goodbye to Impact...
Dota 2 Geology

A Geologist’s Guide to the Dota 2 Map

Why does the terrain on the Dota 2 battlefield look the way it does? In this article, we propose several hypotheses for geologic processes that have sculpted Dota 2's map. My introductory geology textbook always featured photos of real-life locations...
Dota 2 MMR: Miracle- at AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT League Minor.

You Are Not Your MMR: The Dangers of Obsession

When Seasonal Ranked Matchmaking hit Dota 2 last week, there was some initial confusion about how the game's new MMR system worked. Evil Geniuses superstar SumaiL was previously mid-8k MMR, and somehow fell to 6.7k in the new system....
There's a PUBG update coming, and the game will finally be leaving Early Access.

PUBG’s Massive December Update

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is finally getting some of the features the community has been requesting for months. Currently, the test servers are running an updated version of the game while Bluehole irons out the bugs, and the update will...