The ratio of men to women in broadcasting esports is a serious divide.

Diversity in Dota 2: Why Aren’t There More Female Casters?

The people responsible for running Dota 2 tournaments don't ever really get a day off. When they're done putting out fires, dealing with techincal delays, wrangling unruly casting talent, and herding flocks of pro gamers from green rooms to sound-proof booths,...

Mirror Image: Basketball and League of Legends

It's always fun to draw parallels between esports and traditional sports. Despite how different the games often look on paper, relevant concepts from physical sports can easily be translated to the digital plane. The nature of competition is fundamentally...
The Path of Exile community has developed a wide range of powerful tools to help players maximize their in-game efficiency.

Path of Exile: The Best Community Tools

Editor's note: Welcome to Esports Edition's ongoing coverage of Path of Exile. We'll be the first to admit that it isn't exactly competitive--PoE is all about PvE, not PvP. Acronyms aside, Path of Exile has surged in popularity in recent months,...
Dota2Lounge, and item betting in general, has swiftly fallen out of favor as the gaming industry continues to develop regulations and expectations about esports gambling.

The Great Decline of Dota2Lounge and Item Betting

Item betting is a murky legal gray area that provides a portion of Dota 2's viewership. The ability to bet on the outcome of matches of many levels--including the semi-professional scene--has, historically at least, helped drive viewer numbers up on smaller...

Opinion: ESL’s Inconsistent Match-Fixing Punishments

Any player who has been a part of the CS:GO community for a good amount of time will tell you that Valve does not take kindly to players accused of match-fixing. One of the most prevalent cases of this...
The Dota 2 roster of Chinese organization Wings Gaming severed ties with the team, appearing at the Kiev Major as Team Random. As of 05/01/2017, the ex-Wings Gaming roster has announced that they will be disbanding.

Dota 2: What Happened to Wings Gaming?

As of 5/1, the Wings Gaming lineup has disbanded. Four out of the five players will retire. Rumors suggest that only iceice will remain active. Wings Gaming might have been TI6 Champions, but bLink and company have found themselves in an unexpected...
Does using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in esports competition really give players an unfair advantage? Or do performance enhancing drugs level the playing field in competitive gaming?

Opinion: Making a Case for PEDs in Esports

Virtually every single article about performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in esports takes the angle that these substances are inherently destructive and must be regulated heavily. This clear imbalance in literature leads to echo chambers of lazy thought. In modern esports...
Valve's updates to CS:GO have started to look more and more out of touch over the past year.

Esports Ain’t Easy: What Valve Can Learn from Riot Games

Over the past year, Valve's updates to CS:GO have been few and far between, but while these patches lack in frequency, they've almost always been significant. In the time that's passed since the release of the R8 Revolver, Valve have...
Tainted Minds was found guilty of contractual breaches, and Riot Games have fined the organization $7000 AUD and banned them from competition for six months.

Riot’s Tainted Minds Verdict: Breach of Contract

Riot Games have concluded their ongoing investigation of Australian gaming organization Tainted Minds, and released a public statement with their findings and issuing a final verdict on the case. According to Riot, players on the team's roster informed Riot that their employer...
Stellar Overload combines elements from popular world-building titles like Minecraft to create a fresh, new, and exciting game.

Stellar Overload Review: Structured Creative Freedom

Stellar Overload is a "3D open-world, blocks-based, FPS, adventure" game from the developers over at Cubical Drift Studios, and it's currently in Early Access on Steam. The game employs elements of several other well-known games and genres, and adapts...
Roster Changes in Esports

Roster Volatility: Why ‘Staying the Course’ Is a Bad Idea

FaZe Clan’s recent victory at StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 was the organization's first CS:GO tournament victory, and, for many of the players on the team, their biggest tournmanet win to date. FaZe has gone through several different iterations...
The Crow's Eye from 3D2 Entertainment is a horror and puzzle based indie game.

The Crow’s Eye Review: Puzzles to Piss You Off

Too lazy to read? Watch our review in less than 4 minutes. As a big fan of puzzle adventures and horror games, The Crow’s Eye by 3D2 Entertainment was definitely on my “must-play” list. The Crow’s Eye is a first-person...