Esports arena

How to Explain Esports to Your Friends and Family

Answering the Question: What Is Esports? People frequently ask me what it is that I do, especially since it's known that I'm not currently employed in the career field in which I hold degrees. Usually when I tell them I...
Person using a VR headset.

VR Provides an Immersive Dota 2 Experience

With the world of esports continually growing and expanding, Valve has stepped up their game and introduced new ways for players and fans to experience Dota 2. In July 2017, they released the Dota 2 VR Hub. This new...
What does the future of Hearthstone esports look like?

The State of Hearthstone Esports: What’s Next?

Anyone who reads my articles knows that I’m a bit of a doomsayer, especially when it comes to Hearthstone, since I believe the game has taken the wrong direction over the past few years. But if we put our...
Oracle - Dota 2 Esports Predictions 2018

Our Crazy Dota 2 Esports Predictions for 2018

2017 was a crazy year for competitive Dota 2. In the last nine months: Valve Corporation released a True Sight documentary episode on OG’s Kiev Major Grand Finals comeback against It led to controversy concerning their portrayal of the
Dota 2 Microtransactions

Dota 2 and Microtransaction Madness

Many games use some form of microtransactions, and Dota is no exception. Dota 2 microtransactions are what help keep Valve's free-to-play game afloat, but there are plenty of reasons to criticize the current monetization model. Detractors of League of Legends...
Are League of Legends microtransactions worthy of the internet's collective rage?

League of Legends and Microtransaction Madness

EA disappointed and amused countless gamers this season with its tumultuous release of Star Wars: Battlefront II, a game packed with content ready for players to enjoy - that is, only if you were ready to spend literal days...
Patrick Valoppi rocking his Astralis jersey at the office.

Staff Spotlight: Patrick Valoppi, Our Fearless Leader

Patrick Valoppi has been part of the Esports Edition family for two years. As our Product Manager, Patrick is the guy who keeps our team on track, manages our finances, and ensures we're always on the lookout for new...
Overwatch esports still isn't attracting viewers the way many expected it to. What can Blizzard do to fix this?

Why Overwatch Esports (Still) Sucks

Despite the commercial and critical success of Overwatch, the game's professional scene has still failed to attract a following. Blizzard hosted the Overwatch World Cup at Blizzcon this year, but viewership of the tournament was, for the most part,...
Mercedes Benz E-Class Sedan Advertisement

Mercedes-Benz and the Rise of Covert Corporate Memes

If you visited the Dota subreddit last week, you were likely confronted with a front page dominated by a near-endless stream of Mercedes-Benz memes. This sampling of posts and comments should give you an idea of how pervasive the...
What's a skill ceiling? What's a skill floor? This article gives definitions for these terms and explains why they're relevant in the modern video game industry.

Esports Terminology: Skill Ceilings and Skill Floors

‘Skill floor’ and ‘skill ceiling’ are terms you will likely come across when playing or discussing competitive gaming. But what do these words actually mean? It’s not too hard to grasp the basics, but understanding how these concepts play...
The post-TI7 roster shuffles have happened, and as the dust settles, one question remains: which teams are looking in good shape this season?

Dota 2: Post-TI7 Roster Shuffle Analysis

Ah, the post-TI roster shuffle. Your favorite teams inevitably disband or swap players and you're left looking at your EG shirt wondering why you bought it. Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration--Universe is still on the team, Fear's...
New player watching League of Legends for the first time? This guide should help.

Worlds 2017: How to Watch League of Legends as a Newcomer

If you follow esports or competitive gaming, you have probably heard of League of Legends. The 2017 World Championships kicked off last Saturday (9/23), and the event runs for 43 days -- that means that now is the perfect...