Newzoo Global Esports Market Report - Featured

Newzoo Global Esports Market Report Projects Massive Growth

Last week, I was contacted by the data specialists over at Newzoo. Newzoo is the leading provider of esports marketing data in all its various forms. The company deals with all manners of data analysis regarding the entire gaming industry. The...
Travel Ban Fear Featured Image

What Does Trump’s Travel Ban Mean for Dota?

Visa denials were just the tip of the iceberg. In the wake of one of America's most controversial elections, President Trump signed an executive order that temporarily halts people from seven countries from entering the United States . It's...
North American crowds might see more legal esports gambling options available in 2017.

Esports Gambling in the USA: What’s Next?

About a month ago I wrote about the Chinese Ministry of Culture posting a notice that detailed the changes in their laws surrounding online gambling.  The Ministries intentions were to regulate and protect the consumer in an industry that...
KontrolFreek Performance Gaming Wear

KontrolFreek Performance Gaming Wear: Cool and Comfortable

On Tuesday, January 24th, KontrolFreek announced a new line of apparel: Performance Gaming Wear. The new brand features two products: the Icon Performance Gaming Hoodie and the Icon Performance Gaming Shorts. The peripheral market for esports has always been one of...
SWC 2017

Viewership for SWC Signals Promising Future for Smite

It's been a while since we've seen any dramatic changes in the viewership hierarchy of MOBAs on Twitch. At almost any given time, you'll see that League of Legends has secured a place near the top three most watched titles. With...
Esports Travel

The First Esports Travel Agency: Another Milestone

The esports industry has grown in leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. We've come an incredibly long way, and aside from growing tournament prize pools and venue sizes, we're starting to see the creation of more businesses that...