The Logitech G Pro Keyboard is a worthy successor to the Pro mouse, one of the best gaming peripherals of 2016.

Logitech G Pro Keyboard Review: Mechanical Superiority

The market for gaming hardware is booming. If you’re a passionate gamer or diehard esports fan, there's no shortage of companies vying for your dollar. Plenty of these businesses are willing to sacrifice build quality in favor of larger advertising...
Allen "Linsanity" Lin has been trying to launch his LCS career for years. Despite his remarkable talent, there aren't any takers in the LCS.

Interview with Linsanity: The Challenger Dream Is Dead

When the North American League of Legends Championship Series was founded in Spring of 2013, it turned the heads of countless gamers--with Riot's support, the esports dream was now one step closer to reality. Even better? Professionals didn't have to...
Should esports professionals be prevented from sleeping with fans? The issue remains a taboo topic of discussion in industry circles.

Jung’s Wednesday Rant: Sleeping with Fans

While certain topics in esports draw considerable controversy--substance abuse, collusion, infighting--few are more taboo than the concept of 'fansleeping.' It's rarely talked about, and remains almost completely uncovered. Before talking about why it's overlooked, however, let's talk about what...
Blizzard has announced that digital card packs will now cost more in Europe.

Blizzard Raises Price of European Hearthstone Card Packs

Blizzard have quietly announced that they will be increasing the price of Hearthstone's digital card packs in Europe. How much more should players expect to shell out for new cards? For the EU, Blizzard have made an 11% price increase...
Is using Adderall in esports competitions similar to doping in traditional sports? Where do we draw the line?

Performance Enhancing Drugs: Adderall Abuse in Esports

Use of performance enhancing drugs is banned in traditional sports. Testing positive for steroids as a professional athlete leads to disqualification and serious--potentially irreparable--damage to your public image. But when it comes to esports, stimulant abuse is the elephant in the...
Path of Exile's impending expansion, Fall of Oriath, is taking a new approach to the ARPG genre.

Path of Exile’s Fall of Oriath: Reimagining the ARPG

A select few titles best exemplify each genre of video games. In MMOs, for example, World of Warcraft is the gold standard. For MOBAs, Dota is often seen as the breakthrough. Starcraft is, without a doubt, the most prominent...
Lifecoach at a DreamHack Hearthstone tournament.

Lifecoach Leaves Hearthstone, RNG Issues to Blame

Adrian "Lifecoach" Koy is a one of the most well-established Hearthstone professionals, with a long history in the scene. His first tournament win was back in April of 2014, the early days. Lifecoach has since been a part of...
Esports Merchandise - Jersey

Esports Merchandise: Awkward, Abstract, and Advantageous

How many of you own a piece of esports merchandise? Maybe a sizable number of you can pull a team jersey out of your closet. A larger group yet probably have something related to video games within eyesight. But virtually everyone reading this article...
Wings Gaming - TI6 - Prize Pool Image

Will the International’s Prize Pool Continue to Grow?

I was eating dim sum with a group of friends and friends of friends on Saturday morning. Someone asked me, "Do you think that Dota will continue to grow? Will the prizepool for that big tournament get bigger...
Looking for the best esports apps? Keep reading for our guide to the best of the App Store and Google Play.

The Best Esports Apps: Pro Gaming News On Your Smartphone

As an esports writer, I need to have an app for my smartphone that's not only up to date on matches, but offers a variety of resources, including historical data, for me to peruse as needed. You've probably heard of...
Blake Martinez and Moonduck Studios - Dota 2

Blake Martinez: NFL Player, Dota Lover

This past weekend Green Bay Packer fans saw their very own Blake Martinez debut enthusiasm for Dota 2 in Moonduck Studio's Elimination Mode 3 panel with Zyori, SirActionSlakes and Sunsfan. As Dota 2's first 3k mmr NFL player, Blake spoke about...
Esports Careers -- Office Room Featured Image

Esports Career Guide: Finding The Right Job

Give it up, 3k scrub. You're not gonna become a professional gamer.  Look, it's time to face the facts: the odds of going pro are heavily stacked against you. You already know this. Maybe you're choosing to ignore it. But...