The University of Utah has announced the launch of their varsity esports program, which offers scholarships to students competing on the school's League of Legends team.

University of Utah Launches Varsity Esports Program

In the past year, several U.S. based universities have announced the launch of collegiate esports programs. The most recent school to start offering scholarships to students for their video game prowess is The University of Utah. In a Wednesday press release,...
Cosmetics like this set for Rubick are created by Steam Workshop artists, who receive a cut of the profits if Valve accepts the piece into a chest or treasure.

Steam Workshop Artists: The True Value of Cosmetics

One of my favorite things about large Dota 2 events are the special cosmetics that Valve releases to support these tournaments. There's something undeniably appealing about the idea that my purchase directly suppors artists and my favorite players--from my own...
The Great Whale Road has a promising setting, but the gameplay fails to deliver a compelling story and the combat system is utterly infuriating.

The Great Whale Road Review: Vikings Without a Purpose

The Great Whale Road is a story-driven RPG from Sunburned Games studio. Whose story are you driving? Well, the Great Whale Road is all about Vikings, and trying to do a good job at being a Viking--you control a faction of...
The CIS region is notorious for bringing gamers together in a way that defies politics, borders, and international disputes -- at the end of the day, everyone just wants to play some Dota. Or CS:GO. Or Overwatch.

Esports: When Private Politics Meet Public Personas

We've covered esports figures and their professional personas before. While many athletes come under fire for what they say and do outside of the game, personalities in the esports world are a bit more likely to be repeat offenders...
Blue Mammoth's Brawlhalla features cute characters ready to fight one another to the death. Does the game have a future as an esport?

Brawlhalla: New Fighting Game Enters the Esports Arena

Tired of playing Melee with your friends? Try picking up a copy of Brawlhalla, the latest title from developers Blue Mammoth Games, a Georgia-based independent game studio. Brawlhalla is a free-to-play 2D platform fighter game where players compete in various modes with a...
RumbleMonkey is only one of countless new esports betting sites. Is it legal?

RumbleMonkey and Legal Grey Areas in Esports Betting

As Esports Edition's resident betting and and gambling expert--on paper, not in practice--I'm always fascinated by the way that new companies try to monetize the esports industry. RumbleMonkey is the latest player to throw their hat into the ring, and the...
Ashley "Ashnichrist" Christenson is the founder of Desoladies, a group designed to unite and advocate for women in the Dota scene.

Ashnichrist Interview: Shattering the Esports Glass Ceiling

I recently sat down with the founder of Desoladies, Ashley "Ashnichrist" Christenson. If you haven't heard of Desoladies yet, it's one of more tightly-knit esports communities on the internet. In their own words, the group is "a supportive, female-focused organization designed to...
LYNE is an immersive and relaxing puzzle game that's guaranteed to help you unwind.

LYNE Review: Peaceful Puzzles and Pacifying Polygons

Sometimes, I just wanna play a chill puzzle game. No frantic clicking, no obnoxious pinging, no screaming children--just untimed puzzle solving and calm colors. LYNE is an indie game from Thomas Bowker, and it's available on Steam, Android, and iOS....

The Grind: How to Escape Semi-Pro CS:GO

If you want to make it out of Counter-Strike's semi-professional scene and qualify for ESL Pro League, then your team has to start from the bottom, which means competing in ESEA's Open division. After a successful season in Open,...
Atlas Reactor was one of our favorite titles at PAX East 2017, combining turn-based combat with familiar MOBA mechanics.

Atlas Reactor: Trion’s Fresh Take on Turn-Based PvP

PAX East is a showcase of the newest and most noteworthy games, and every year at the convention developers proudly display their hard work to a crowd of over 80,000 people. Trion's Atlas Reactor was one of my favorite games...
Although gacha systems have been regulated in Japan, we're starting to see more and more Western gaming companies adopt eerily similar business practices.

New Profit: The Impending ‘Gacha’-fication of Esports

Walking around arcades as a child, I remember always thinking to myself, "how ridiculous are those capsule vending machines? Who in the world would want a tiny plastic Pokémon figurine?" As it turns out, I couldn't have been more...
While many players buy Dota cosmetics, Valve's management of the marketplace and the items themselves leaves much to be desired.

The Declining Value of Dota Cosmetics

The sale of Dota cosmetics is an essential part of Valve's free-to-play business model. Unlike League and Heroes of the Storm, Dota doesn't require any money to unlock characters, and unlike Overwatch, the game is free to install. At...