How do we have a productive conversation about women in esports?

Pride and Prejudice: Absent Women in Esports

Writing about women in esports is a challenging task. Our industry is constantly growing, but the absence of women becomes more apparent with each passing milestone. We have record-breaking prize pools for tournaments, yet we only have a handful of women involved...
Who's the best Hearthstone pro of all-time?

The Best Hearthstone Pros of All-Time

Since Hearthstone was officially released in March 2014, many players have stood out as exceptional. Between tournaments and streaming, certain players have become household names in Hearthstone. These days, there are dozens of professional Hearthstone players, but with this...
PUBG Battle Royale takes the best parts of other Battle Royale games and serves it up as a streamlined and relentlessly fun game.

PUBG’s Remarkable Reinvention of the Battle Royale Genre

The Battle Royale genre isn’t new. The clearest inspiration is arguably the 2000 film "Battle Royale" about students trapped on an island who must fight to the death. But even then, the concept wasn’t exactly new. Games are no...
In-house leagues give the best Dota players a more structured pub experience, free from the game-ruining riff-raff.

Dota 2: What Is an In-House League?

In-House Leagues for Dota aren't anything new. They pop up around this time of year, after The International, when professional Dota grinds to a temporary halt. The best-known in-house leagues are probably the North American Elite League (NEL) and...
Photo taken from the crowd at Worlds 2015.

The Four Golden Rules of Making an Esport

These days, what game developer doesn't want a piece of the esports pie? It's probably the most lucrative foray that any company can make in the modern video game industry, and for quite a few reasons: dedicated fans, new...
Jeff Kaplan

Game Development Spotlight: The Jeff Kaplan Approach

Jeff Kaplan. The man. The meme. The legend. If you play Overwatch, you’ll have an intimate relationship with the man behind it all. If you don’t, there’s still a decent chance you’ll have seen some videos of Jeff over...
Are esports too violent for mainstream audiences at an event like the Olympics?

Are Esports Too Violent for Mainstream Audiences?

Thomas Bach, the President of the International Olympics Committee, recently remarked that we wouldn't be seeing any 'violent' esports at the 2024 Olympics. According to Bach, esports are "about violence, explosions, and killing" and, therefore, don't have a place in...
What can Valve learn from the raw emotions captured in the loser interviews at TI7?

Should Players Be Forced to Give Loser Interviews at TI?

Valve's boldest production choice at TI7 was the addition of interviews with players just moments after they had been eliminated from the tournament. In traditional sports, loser interviews are very common -- you'll often see them included in coverage...
Game developers should be aware of the risks associated with releasing massive updates.

Big Bang Patches: The Risky Nature of Huge Updates

Nowadays, most big games rely on a constant stream of updates and expansions to keep things fresh and new. Hearthstone adds new cards, World of Warcraft adds new areas and bosses, Path of Exile adds new mechanics and content. Games like...
CS:GO's five year anniversary celebration was, in the eyes of the community, a major disappointment. Do milestones matter in esports?

CS:GO’s Lackluster 5 Year Anniversary: Do Milestones Matter?

The 21st of August might be just another day for the majority of people, but CS:GO fans know it as the game's anniversary. When the first anniversary rolled around, Valve turned on "Party Mode" for all official servers, and releasing this...
Tespa's bold plans for college esports during the 2017 - 2018 academic year include a partnership with Blizzard and unique in-game rewards for Tespa members.

College Esports: Tespa Reveals Plans for 2017 – 2018

Tespa is North America’s leading college gaming network, with over 65,000 members and 220 student chapters on college campuses across the United States and Canada. Tespa's focus has been on creating a community of student gamers who are able to...
KeyArena is one of the most storied esports venues, hosting Dota 2's The International for the past four years.

The Best Venues for Esports Events: Size Isn’t Everything

Until I walked through the doors of my first esports tournament, I thought watching my favorite players on Twitch was the best way to watch a game. Being able to tune in from the comfort of my living room, or...