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Clash of the Beasts from the East – ROX vs EDG Preview

Who would've thought that the number 1 seeds from Korea and China, the League of Legends powerhouse regions of the world, would be clashing so soon? Countless pundits predicted either ROX Tigers or Edward Gaming to be the world champion this year;...

Don’t Watch Worlds 2016 Finals: It’ll Be a 3-0

If you want to see the best match of Worlds 2016, don't bother looking towards the grand finals. Instead, tune in on October 21 to see the top bracket semifinals; it'll feature two of the top four teams at Worlds (unless you had...
SKT on stage

SKT and Cloud9 Advance to Worlds Quarterfinals

The 2016 World Championship group stages wrapped up Sunday, sending forward North America’s Cloud9 as well as the two-time world champion SK Telecom T1. The defending champions were the first to qualify, sweeping three games to a 5-1 total record...

TSM Eliminated: North America’s Greatest Hope Falls to RNG

he impressive Summer performance, the successful Korean bootcamp, and all the hype that comes with being such a dominant Western team - none of it mattered any more. TSM would advance past groups with a win, or they would be eliminated with a loss.
H2K Bow Group Stage

Undefeated: H2K Climbs to Top of Group C

Coming out of the first week of Worlds 2016, H2K looked shaky to say the least. While no one necessarily had great expectations for them, the opponents in their group offered ample opportunity for success. Bringing a tied-for-last 1-2...

Albus NoX Luna and the Group of Death

Wild card team Albus NoX Luna is advancing past group stages at Worlds 2016. What a night of League of Legends. Analysts, personalities, and hardcore fans had an entire week to spend crafting their group A predictions. I imagine most...
Worlds 2016 G2 ANX

Worlds 2016: Who’s Undefeated after Week 1?

Who's managed to remain undefeated at Worlds 2016? Not SK Telecom T1, nor Team SoloMid - not even number 1 seed from China, Edward Gaming, who had an undefeated season regionally. Heck, tournament favorites ROX Tigers have even dropped a match. In short, everyone has been beaten,...

Cinderella Story: North America’s Hope Alive

The season-ending Worlds tournament taking place in North America during a time in which multiple analysts have North American teams ranked above many of their international counterparts seemed almost too good to be true. The potential for not just powerhouse...
TSM Svenskeren Worlds

Getting Back on Track: Worlds 2016 Day 2 Recap

Worlds Day 2 Recap After one of the craziest opening days in League of Legends World Championship history, Day 2 carried much calmer notes. There was no Brazilian victory, and the other wildcard team didn't even have a chance...

SKT Takes Match-up between Former Teammates

The first match of Day 2 Worlds 2016 pitted North American veterans Cloud9 against the Korean overlords SK Telecom T1; the resulting match hardly lived up to the hype. SKT took the win in a 34 minute game that...

Esports Edition’s Worlds Day 1 MVP: CLG Xmithie

The 2016 League of Legends World Championships have officially begun. CLG kicked off the tournament facing off against Europe's number one team in G2. Much to the delight of the home crowd at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco,...

Underdog Upset: Can ANX Make Playoffs at Worlds?

This series will delve into the possibility of the popularly predicted 4th place team in each group of the 2016 League of Legends World Championships to upset their opponents and qualify for the knockout stage. A completely subjective and inaccurate quantitative assessment...