Solo Queue

How to Achieve Victory in Dota 2 Solo Queue

Dota 2 Solo Queue Let's be honest with one another — Dota 2 solo queue can be an absolute nightmare. It does not matter if you solo queue in ranked or causal play, solo queue is just the worst. How...
Last Hitting

A Guide to Improving Your Max CS in League of Legends

In a game with as much depth as League of Legends, there's always value in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes that means going back to fundamentals, and today we're going to focus on the most basic of all of them:...
Allen "Linsanity" Lin has been trying to launch his LCS career for years. Despite his remarkable talent, there aren't any takers in the LCS.

Interview with Linsanity: The Challenger Dream Is Dead

When the North American League of Legends Championship Series was founded in Spring of 2013, it turned the heads of countless gamers--with Riot's support, the esports dream was now one step closer to reality. Even better? Professionals didn't have to...
League of Legends Pings - How to Use Smart Pings

League of Legends: How to Use Smart Pings to Win Games

Riot has expanded the Smart Ping system to allow players to ping their spell cooldowns, jungle timers, and even gold and item status by alt-clicking the user HUD. The original smart pings (Danger, Enemy Missing, etc) are still important...
Read our Yorick Champion Guide to make the most of this snowballing top laner who's perfect for solo queue.

League of Legends Champion Guide: Yorick

Yorick, Shepard of Souls, remains an underrated solo queue top laner in League of Legends, but if you haven't tried him in a while, now might be the best time to give this champion a shot. He’s still dependent...
Min/Max League of Legends

League of Legends: 11 Ways to Min/Max before 00:00

The best League of Legends players have tremendous mechanics, versatile champion pools, and make the best plays while avoiding obvious blunders. It's easy to queue for game after game, but you should be considering these aspects of your play before the game...
Warwick Rework Art

Warwick Rework: Still Trash

  As of Patch 7.2, the quintessential jungler of League of Legends, Warwick, has been completely revamped from visuals to toolset. Even though he had a pretty hype trailer accommodating his remake, Warwick has been pretty much completely irrelevant with regards...

The Value of Patience: Power Spikes in League of Legends

The ability to play patiently is an important part of any good player’s repertoire. Knowing when to be cautious requires map awareness and game knowledge, but sometimes the most effective path to victory requires you to wait until your...

League of Legends Patch 7.1: Clear-Cutting the Jungle

After a near month of waiting and probably a bunch of hungover employee meetings, Riot has finally resumed its patch cycle with the release of Patch 7.1, the first of 2017. In short: 'ADC in 2017' is still an...
Ziggs ADC

ADC Is Dead: Botlane Paradigm Shift

I haven't dug into Riot's data through the API. I haven't even looked at the patch notes. I'm speaking mostly from anecdote and information collected from memes when I say this: ADC is dead. As if it weren't enough that the...
Ezreal Old Art

Ezreal Best ADC: Metrosexual Marksman Tops the Charts

As 2016 comes to a close, one man has stayed relevant throughout the entire year: Ezreal. Currently, he is the most played marksman at any relevant skill rating, despite countless changes since the start of the season. The never-falling-out-of-form...
Placement games.

Lessons Learned from League of Legends Placement Games

My name is Joseph Schmidt, I'm a League of Legends enthusiast, and I'm excited to be joining the Esports Edition team! I got my very own Super Nintendo Entertainment System when I turned six, and I've been playing games ever...