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Stop Peeking the AWP: No, Seriously, What Are You Doing?

School is starting back up again for lots of folks. Tough, I know. Between homework, establishing a vaguely reasonable sleep schedule, and part-time work, you've got way less time to spend on your grind to Global. But, hey, we're big fans...

Eichenwalde: Thoughts and Implications

Blizzard just announced a new map based on Germanic terrain; Eichenwalde. Its release has been planned for September this year. German, German, German! For those who are interested, the name literally translates to "Oak Woods" (if you ignore the 'e' at the...

Cobblestone Updated with New Staircase

Valve released the version of Cobblestone that we've all come to know--and perhaps loathe--in February of 2015. There have been handful of cosmetic tweaks and bug fixes since then, but we haven't seen any substantive alterations to the map's gameplay...
Newke on LAN? I are think that

Newke’s LAN Debut: A Few Notes

It finally happened. After replacing Inferno in the Active Duty map rotation, the entirely remodeled Nuke (Newke) has arrived on LAN. The first two maps in the best-of-three grand finals between OpTic Gaming (OG) and Tempo Storm at MLG's North American...

Map Changes in Latest CS:GO Update: Nuke + Cache

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community continues to wring its hands in mourning after Valve announced on April 21st that the updated version of Nuke (Newke) would be replacing Inferno in the Active Duty map pool. I even wrote a eulogy for...

A Eulogy for Inferno, a Truly Great Map (2012 – 2016)

Inferno's out of the Active Duty map pool. Gone, just like that. Replaced by a newer, shinier, FPS-draining overhaul of another classic Counter-Strike map, Nuke. I'm not mad that my terrible computer can barely run it. Nope. Not at...

CS:GO Adds “Prime Matchmaking,” Replaces Inferno with Nuke

Valve's obligatory post-Major update has finally shipped, and it's a big one--Nuke is being added to the Active Duty map pool while Inferno is unceremoniously moved to the Reserves pool while it receives an aesthetic overhaul. Valve have also launched a...
Don't Fear The Baiter

Bait Two Mates for a CT Eco Win on Inferno’s B Bombsite

Gather close, gentle readers. Today, I'm going to share something very special to me with all of you. No, it's not a sandwich. It's the best PUG strat ever invented--I mean that in all seriousness--and it's snagged me more...
Olof-stone? Cobblepass?

Booster Shot #2: The Cobblestone Manifesto

Welcome to the second installment of Booster Shot, an article series where I--your ever-stalwart Counter-Strike reporter--explore and explain unique, highly situational, and mostly useless boosts in excruciating detail. Plus, this week I found a map-breaking boost. It's at the...

The Maps of Overwatch Part 3: Control

Overwatch's final and newest game mode, Control, features a King-of-the-Hill style battle to capture key objectives in a best-of-three format. Both teams must attack a single point at a time, so each map has three distinct locations to fight over and all of them will require...

How to Snag an Eco Win on Mirage’s A Bombsite

Here's a challenge--load up a game of Matchmaking in CS:GO and see many rounds you can play before a teammate complains about being "baited." It shouldn't take too long. And if the game goes sour, you can bet your Asiimov that...

The Maps of Overwatch Part 2: Point Capture

In the second part of our guide to the maps of Overwatch, we're going to take a look at Hanamura, Temple of Anubis and Volskaya Industries - all of which are dedicated to the Point Capture game mode. In Point Capture the...