The Maps of Overwatch Part 1: Payload

Any experienced first-person shooter player will be able to tell you that the first step to mastering the game, once you’ve got the mechanics nailed down, is to learn the maps inside out. Knowing the best sniping positions for...
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The Ninja Defuse Heard around the World: Snax’s 1 v 5

Sometimes, in Counter-Strike, everything goes right--out of a combination of luck and skill, the stars align in your favor. Think of a perfect pop flash, or a wallbang headshot. Other times, you’re less lucky--maybe the flash doesn’t land quite...

Booster Shot #1: Who Even Plays That Spot?!

Welcome to Booster Shot! This article is the first installment in what (I hope) will be a regular feature on Esports Edition. It’s going to be pretty great. “But Josh,” you say, “what’s the article series actually going to be...

Hey, We Finally Got an Update: Operation Wildfire and Newke

It's finally here--after a long drought following the disastrous Winter Update, Valve has released a massive update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.  In addition to the usual collection of bugs that accompany an update, Valve also included Operation Wildfire, a new weapon...

The Longest CS:GO Match Ever, VAC Bans, Minors, and More

Two of the Valve-sponsored and developed “Minors,” events designed to maximize exposure for newer CS:GO teams and open up a pathway for them to compete at Majors, were held this weekend. In Taiwan, the Asia Minor was hosted by...

Timers, Deathcams, and Jumpthrows: Tournament Rule Changes

As a new year of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive begins, two of the largest tournament organizers for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, ESL and DreamHack, have made substantial changes to their official rulebooks. As outlined in near-identical public statements from both companies, the following...