The Maps of Overwatch Part 2: Point Capture

Mar 10, 2016

In the second part of our guide to the maps of Overwatch, we’re going to take a look at Hanamura, Temple of Anubis and Volskaya Industries – all of which are dedicated to the Point Capture game mode. In Point Capture the two teams of six are divided into attacking and defending sides and must attempt to take or hold two key objectives across a map before the time runs out. Point Capture opens the game up to some really specialized team compositions. Whether you want to sit behind your fortifications and repel attackers with Torbjörn’s turrets or grab yourself Winston and charge through the defenses, you’re going to love these maps.



Set in the flowery suburban area around a Japanese castle and temple grounds, Hanamura is a bright, colourful arena decorated by gorgeous cherry blossom trees. There are plenty of vantage points for a sniper to make use of whilst enjoying views of this picturesque little district, but there are also lots of wide open spaces to take advantage of with the more aggressive heroes out there. When attacking, this is a great map to pick the elusive heroes on, like Tracer, Lucio or D.Va.. D.Va’s Defensive Matrix is fantastic for charging towards an objective and her Self-Destruct ability is also handy for clearing out capture points. Defensive sides might want to consider Bastion: you can sit back on the capture points with your gatling gun ready and go to town on anyone brave enough to approach the objective.

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Temple of Anubis


The Egyptian Temple of Anubis, adorned with tonnes of ancient sculpture and architecture, sits at the base of a futuristic pyramid and provides players with plenty of crowded, choke-point firefights. It’s mostly an outdoors map, but with dense of overhead walkways and narrow staircases you can expect multi-level combat throughout the map and it can often feel quite claustrophobic. With loads of secret shortcuts and ambush points, mobile heroes who excel at short-range burst damage perform exceptionally well at the Temple of Anubis, so Reaper and Pharah are nearly always good picks. For defensive sides, Zarya might work well: she’ll be able to soak up a lot of damage during the intense, close-quarters team fighting whilst the explosive charge of her particle cannon can help her keep enemies on the back-foot.

Volskaya Industries


The final Point Capture map takes us to the factory setting of Volskaya Industries in St. Petersburg, Russia, full of moving platforms and mechanical equipment for you to shelter behind. There are some huge open floor spaces inside Volskaya Industries so shields and other defensive abilities are a must on this map, unless you want to get blown apart from long range. Reinhardt’s Barrier Field can be really handy for team pushes, whilst Roadhog’s ability to pull enemy heroes out of position with Chain Hook makes him an ideal defensive tank here for deterring enemy aggression.

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