Overwatch: The Top Tier Heroes

Feb 28, 2016

Overwatch is still in its infancy and with regular changes from the developers, the metagame is extremely fluid right now. This means that pretty much any hero is viable in the right situation. There’s plenty of room for experimenting so if you’ve got a favourite then go ahead and play it as much as you like and you’ll be sure to figure out an effective playstyle. There are a few heroes, however, that do stand out, whether they’re being picked up frequently in the small Overwatch tournaments that have been taking place, or whether they’ve become popular in pubs due to their consistent impact. We’re going check out our favourite hero for each class at the moment, in order to give you an idea of some rewarding heroes to learn.

Support: Lúcio

Overwatch Lucio
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After the nerfs to Mercy, Lúcio, the Brazilian rock-star, has firmly been the most popular support in the competitive scene and he’s so effective that many other support heroes look weak in comparison. He just provides so much to his team, in terms of shields, movement speed buffs, area-of-effect healing, whilst also being one of the more active supports out there with decent damage and pick-off potential. He has no bad matchups so there’s rarely a reason not to pick Lúcio and we regularly see teams going for double Lúcio lineups. If you’re going to learn a support in Overwatch then he’s the one who will provide you with the most consistent performances for the moment. With his ability to run up walls he’s also one the most amusing heroes to play.

Offence: Reaper

There are actually plenty of decent options in the Offense category, with quite a range of powerful heroes to choose from. But in recent weeks we’ve seen a surge in Reaper’s popularity amongst the top players so for now he’s going to be our hero of choice. Whilst Reaper doesn’t provide his team with much utility, one of the advantages he holds is the reliability of his abilities, with a decent escape in Wraith Form and a powerful ultimate, Death Blossom, that can decimate multiple enemies at close range. He also has a mobility ability in Shadow Step, which rewards players as they learn the different maps and provides Reaper with a reasonable skill cap. He’s also one of the coolest looking heroes in Overwatch so it’s not like you’ll need much encouragement to try him out.

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Tank: Reinhardt

Reinhardt is your stereotypical tank and he provides teams with immense amounts of value thanks largely to Barrier Shield, which protects both himself and his allies from incoming fire and allows them to push for objectives as a unit. This makes him an ideal pick up in Payload and Point Capture particularly, and we expect he’ll continue to be a viable strategic choice despite various shifts in the metagame. Whilst his melee attack range isn’t ideal, if enemies do get close then Charge provides him with an excellent way of closing the gap and dealing some heavy damage. You could do a lot more after practicing with Reinhardt and if you enjoy his combative playstyle then he’ll win you many a game.

Defense: Widowmaker

The Defense class is probably the least represented at competitive level, however, Widowmaker will always have her uses in Overwatch thanks to her ability to find long-range pick offs with her rifle, Widow’s Kiss. For all those players who enjoy a spot of sniping every now and again, Widowmaker will be a handy hero to master. She also provides her team with some decent utility thanks to Infra-Sight, which gives her side a short-term tactical advantage by enhancing their vision of enemy heroes. You need to remember to keep on the move when playing Widowmaker, relocating after every shot. If you stay up high you’ll be out of reach for a lot of enemy heroes and you’ll have the vision you need to find targets. There’s nothing more satisfying than taking someone out with a well-judged scope-aimed shot so get to practicing and you’ll be racking up the kills.

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