The Easiest Dota 2 Heroes for Beginners

Dota 2 is a relatively easy game to pick up and play. The tutorial has been recently revamped and provides a modicum of basic gameplay teaching. Anyone can install Dota 2 and play the game, but playing well is...
Overwatch Observing Obstacle Ana Amari

The Easiest Overwatch Heroes for Beginners

With a player base of over 35 million, Overwatch is among the fastest growing video games of all time. With a population this large (and still growing), there's always going to be plenty of new players. Some Overwatch newcomers might be experienced with traditional...
Invoker Dota 2

Dota 2: Hardest Heroes to Play Against in 7.08

There are always going to heroes that are difficult to play against. Who are those heroes? It will often depend on your particular play style: you might be a skilled melee player, but have a hard time going up...
Want to spend your hard-earned money on the ugliest Dota 2 cosmetics money can buy? We're here to help.

The Ugliest Dota 2 Cosmetics Ever Made

Since Valve relies on Dota 2's microtransactions to make money off of the free-to-play game, you'd think the cosmetics would all be beautifully rendered, lore-enhancing masterpieces. This isn't always the case. Someone pointed out that Morphling wearing any sets breaks the...
Virtus Pro threw caution and conventional wisdom to the wind at the Summit 7, picking over 80 different heroes during the main event.

Summit 7: Post-Patch Meta Stabilization and Innovation

Valve's been fairly good about waiting for tournaments to end before dropping new patches, with some exceptions. Every patch brings a change to the overall meta and it usually takes a while for things to "settle down" after an update...
Hints from Blizzard suggest that the next Overwatch map might be located on the moon.

Blizzard Teases Lunar Colony Map and New Space Monkey Hero

Brace yourselves, Overwatch fans. Teasers on the PlayOverwatch blog, around the Lijiang Tower map, and from the mouth of Blizzard's very own Oracle of Delphi, the esteemed Jeff Kaplan himself, are telling us one thing, and possibly a second. We're going...
Junkrat still hasn't found a place in the Overwatch meta. With some adjustments to his skills, Blizzard could make Junkrat a far more interesting and viable hero.

Junkrat: The Most Unloved Overwatch Hero

Let's talk about everyone's favorite Australian explosive weapons enthusiast, Junkrat. Or rather, the disturbing lack of Junkrat in professional Overwatch. He's an incredibly fun hero to play, between his high flying antics and 'splosions as far as the eye can see, but...
Will Lucio's rework cause the hero to drop down a couple tiers? The Overwatch meta is in for some significant changes.

Lucio’s Rework: Pumped Volume or Dropped Bass?

Good ol' Lucio. Remember when I said he's never a bad pick? Let's talk about that for a minute. Lucio is the number one most picked hero in professional play, boasting a preposterous 100% pick rate. Everything that makes him...
Bastion might finally have a place closer to the top of Overwatch hero tier lists.

Bastion: The Little Robot Who Rekt

Let's talk about Bastion. That's right, everyone's favorite killbot who's got a soft spot for woodland animals. Bastion could be mistaken for the forgotten lovechild of Snow White and Terminator, and today we're putting this Overwatch hero under the microscope. Bastion's Evolution Before Winston...
Jakiro's remodel is finally complete.

Dota 2: Jakiro Finally Gets a Facelift

The Twin-Headed Dragon finally got a makeover. That's right, Jakiro's remodel is here. In addition to being perpetually out-of-meta, Jakiro has had to make do with an ugly, polygon-riddled model with crappy textures. CyborgMatt uncovered some inklings that Jakiro's remodel was in...
Ana was also nerfed in Blizzard's latest PTR patch.

Overwatch PTR Update: Massive Hero Changes in the Works

Geoff Goodman, Principal Designer on Blizzard's Overwatch team, announced Monday night that they'll be experimenting with some major hero changes on the PTR. Let's take a look at what they have in store. As we iterate on the PTR patch, we...
"You're gonna be a star, kid! Huge, I tell ya!"

Orisa: Overwatch Adds Robot Tank to Hero Roster

After much hype, Efi Oladele's latest creation and Overwatch's newest hero is live on the PTR. Meet Orisa. https://youtu.be/Lvm0of3iDUU As we previously predicted, she is a quadrupedal female omnic that fits snugly in the Tank class (although quite a bit more...