The Best Heroes in Overwatch

Nov 8, 2015


Overwatch has 21 heroes in 4 different classes: Offense, Defense, Support, and Tank. So, who is the best in each role and why?

Offense: Soldier 76


Soldier 76, thought to be the founder of Overwatch, is an Offensive character and by far the best in his class. While he may not be able to pull off amazing killstreaks like Reaper or Tracer, he is the hardiest and most consistent Offensive character. His relatively high health combined with a healing ability make him forgiving to misplays. Meanwhile, his playstyle is familiar to those who have played other shooters, he is the basic “run and gun” type of character. For that reason he is easy to pick up and play, unlike other characters who require some knowledge of the game before being able to pull off amazing feats.

Defense: Mei


Mei is one of the more interesting characters in Overwatch because she can actually change the field of battle. Her ice-based weaponry allows her to throw up walls to disrupt or completely block an enemy advance or to provide cover or movement aid to her teammates. In addition, she also can slow enemies, which is especially helpful when the game is played with time-based objectives.

Support: Mercy


Of the support class, Mercy is probably the single most overpowered character in the game. She has a healing beam (much like the medic in Team Fortress), but her beam can also change to become a damage multiplier. Her basic attack has decent chip damage as well, but her main selling point is her revival ability. Mercy can revive her entire team, essentially winning any teamfight by bringing back the soft, high damage characters once everyone has used their ultimates to clean up the enemy team.

Tank: Winston


Last but not least, the Tank class. For the tank class, Winston is by far the most versatile warrior. He has mobility in the form of a jetpack jump, a shield projector he can throw down to setup a position for a teamfight, and a high health pool. These all make him great at soaking up damage and catching light Offense characters such as Soldier 76 and Reaper off guard. Winston is one of the strongest characters overall because of his ability to deal with Offensive characters: once the ape stops, ain’t nobody who’s gonna stop him.

Andrey Sanin
Having played Magic for 10+ years and been around Hearthstone since beta, I've been around various card games for a while now. I love Blizzard games and spend most of my gaming time playing them, but well polished indie games also bite chunks into my time. Follow me on Twitter: @wordoverload
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