Crowd at Worlds 2016 under Criticism for Booing Opposition

Samsung Galaxy took on Cloud9 for the opening match of Worlds 2016 knockout stage, and it wasn't pretty. Cloud9 entered the matchup a heavy underdog, but some analysts believed perhaps they could steal a game off of SSG by...

TSM Dyrus Publishes Long-Awaited Donezo Manifesto

The 24 year-old ex-pro had mentioned his plans to share all his personal thoughts on the drama he had experienced first hand as a pro player on TSM, but noted it would have to wait until after he retired to avoid burning too many bridges.
Team Secret Drama

What We Can Learn from the Team Secret Drama

It's no secret that esports in general could use some image coaching. There have also been many instances of players not signing contracts/not reading contracts/not having the resources they need to make career decisions and getting screwed over.

The Tyrande Promotion: Primed for Disaster

Introduction For those of you who have been out of the loop, Blizzard released another new hero skin recently. It is Tyrande, a new Priest skin. Following their recent trend, rather than buying the skin you need to do something...
Team Liquid Dardoch

The Team Liquid Meltdown: Next Steps

Team Liquid 2016 2016 began as a year of hope, not only for Team Liquid, but also for League of Legends as a whole. The acquisition of Samson "Lourlo" Jackson, Matt "Matt" Elenton and Joshua "Dardoch" Hartnett, and the subsequent...

FOX Dardoch: Former Team Liquid Jungler Joins Echo Fox

According to ESPN Esports reporter Jacob Wolf, Dardoch is now a member of Echo Fox. Wolf reports that sources close to the players involved confirm that Dardoch is replacing FOX jungler Hard, while competitive rookie Arsecond will be filling in the vacant jungler...

Open Overwatch: Does Blizzard Plan to Take Control?

Recent LCS drama between team owners and Riot's Marc Merrill raises related questions for the future of Overwatch. Overwatch tournament owners have been reaping the benefits of open broadcasting rights so far. Can we expect this capitalistic approach in the future,...

Rank S Players and Standards of Conduct

Warden, coL's manager/coach was kicked from Rank S for inappropriate conduct. His reinstatement to the league will be reconsidered at another time. Warden apologized and coL's owner Jason Lake said that he would deal with the situation accordingly. ESEA banned Warden for not upholding...
That's a nice desk you've got there, ELEAGUE.

ELEAGUE’s Inaugural Season Draws to a Close

The inaugural season of Turner's ambitious esports project, ELEAGUE, will conclude this weekend. Out of the initial pool of 24 teams, only four remain: Fnatic, Natus Vincere, Mousesports, and Virtus.Pro. $390,000 USD in prize money will be awarded...
CSGO Cheating Clips

Potential Professional CS:GO Cheating Clips

Thorin's and Semphis' recent videos on the possibilities of LAN cheating rekindled a topic that most CS:GO players take very seriously. I've always found it interesting how community figures are too careful to mention specific clips. Although they're willing to state that cheating should be addressed,...

Valve Issues Shutdown Order to Dota2Lounge

If you follow Counter Strike, you've probably already heard the news. Valve decided to crack down on skin and item betting sites, catching Dota2Lounge in the dragnet as well. The extent of my betting experience begins and ends with the...
reinhardt ban hammer drop

A Counter Argument to Blizzard’s Ban Hammer

Blizzard has stated their ban hammer philosophy. No exceptions. All cheaters should be banned. Blizzard aims to reach an entirely cheat free competitive and casual environment. Blizzard trying hard There's plenty evidence to make us think that Blizzard doing everything in their...