Shanghaied in Shanghai – an Event Beset with Complaints

Sharpen those pitchforks! In addition to the massive drama fallout over 2GD's dismissal, it seems that the Shanghai Major isn't done providing us with rage fuel. There is a laundry list of complaints with the event: English Stream is laggy/goes...

Professionalism and Dota 2: A Case for the Middle Ground

Pretty much everyone with a passing interest in esports has heard about James "2GD" Harding's dismissal from the Shanghai Major panel. It's apparent that emotions are running high. Gabe Newell, the CEO of Valve, called Harding "an ass" on...

Firebat and Archon – a PR Storm

On Monday, February first, Firebat put out a tweet that simply read: “Hey everyone. This is my new twitter as I am no longer part of Archon.” This immediately kicked up a wave of rumours trying to figure out...

The Longest CS:GO Match Ever, VAC Bans, Minors, and More

Two of the Valve-sponsored and developed “Minors,” events designed to maximize exposure for newer CS:GO teams and open up a pathway for them to compete at Majors, were held this weekend. In Taiwan, the Asia Minor was hosted by...

Hearthstone and Witch Hunts

Recently there has been a large amount of issues regarding drama going on in the Hearthstone subreddit. As has been established by fairly everyone who spoke on the issue, because the official Hearthstone forums are full of unbacked anger...
Dota 2

Professionalism in Dota 2: What Conduct Is Expected?

  What constitutes professionalism in the Dota2 scene? Sometimes it seems like hardly a week goes by without some accusations of unprofessional behavior by Dota 2 pros or personalities is brought to light. Certain players have garnered a reputation for...

Xpecial and Growth of Professionalism in eSports

League of Legends is a game built on the youth demographic. It rewards high mechanical skill which deteriorates as you get older. Most of the Esports professionals are teenagers who's first real job was to play video games. The...