Melonzz on Harassment and Negativity in Dota 2

As Dota 2 players, we’ve all had that one game where we tilt. We flame our opponents for their misplays, we criticize their item build (because who builds a Radiance on Sniper) and we scream for them to uninstall...

TSM Tanks at IEM Oakland 2016

IEM Oakland 2016 was an event many TSM fans were looking forward to. It would mark the team's first series since their rather disappointing run at Worlds 2016. It would also be their first series of the off-season that TSM...

ROX Finally Gets the Better of SKT in KeSPA Cup Semifinal

After another regrettable defeat at Worlds 2016, the ROX Tigers were finally able to overcome SK Telecom T1 2-0 in their best-of-3 series in the KeSPA Cup. While the result definitely comes as a pleasant change for the Tigers,...

TSM to Attend IEM Oakland with Surprise ADC

The full list of teams attending the Intel Extreme Masters in Oakland, California on November 19-20 has been announced, with the number of total participants dropping from eight to six. ESL Senior Producer William "Chobra" Cho confirmed to ESPN that...

Four Players to Watch at the Boston Major

With the Boston Major rapidly approaching, it’s time to take a look at the players we expect to stand out from the crowd. Who’s going to light up the tournament? With so much talent on display, and so many...
ATLC Banner

ATLC Season 2 Announces Crowdfunded Tournament

What is ATLC? ATLC initially stood for Archon Team League Championship. It was a massive tournament last year hosted by Archon. Rather than individuals competing, players applied in teams of three. This was in summer 2015, before Blizzard announced the...

NP win Boston Major Main Qualifiers: Cloud9 Fans Rejoice

North America/South America Qualifiers Despite coming under fire from European invaders, two good 'ol North American teams have prevailed. Team NP and Complexity will be representing North America in Boston. In case you've been out of the pro loop for the last...
Boston Major Open Qualifiers

Boston Major Open Qualifiers: EU Invades NA Regionals

The Boston Major Open Qualifiers are underway, and it's turned into a bit of a circus. Now, there's usually a "power differential" between regions. North America currently has a few dominant or high-profile tier 1 teams (Digital Chaos, EG,...
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Championship Tour Tournament: Choose Your Champion

Introduction The 2016 Hearthstone Championship Tour is coming up, and it’s time to start getting prepared. The first week of matches is this week, and Blizzard wants you to join in. No, not actually join in, but tune in and...
Grand Final Apac Premier Overwatch

APAC Premier: The Best of the East and the West

The APAC Premier produced the East vs West final that has been anticipated since Overwatch's release. Rogue and Lunatic-Hai stepped forward as the teams to represent their regions. The 1st place prize of $75,000 was the second largest to date. But more importantly, the APAC Premier...
Celestial Invitational Banner

Celestial Invitational Tournament: Best of Seventeen

Celestial Invitational The Celestial Invitational pits pros against each other, forcing them to win against every class in a best of seventeen tournament. The formats also changes throughout the five weeks of the first stage of this tournament. Formats There are two brackets...
Boston Major Open Qualifiers

Boston Major Invites: Who Deserves a Direct Ticket?

The Boston Major qualifiers were recently announced, and it's time to start speculating on invites. The post-TI6 roster shuffle was pretty bloody, and team compositions have changed a lot among likely invite candidates. From Valve's blog post on the Manila invites: "...We...