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ROX Finally Gets the Better of SKT in KeSPA Cup Semifinal

Nov 19, 2016
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After another regrettable defeat at Worlds 2016, the ROX Tigers were finally able to overcome SK Telecom T1 2-0 in their best-of-3 series in the KeSPA Cup. While the result definitely comes as a pleasant change for the Tigers, the game doesn’t carry quite the same weight as other sets.

The offseason Korean tournament is being played on an outdated patch, and really only serves as a qualifier for IEM 11 Oakland and IEM 11 Gyeonggi – tournaments that top teams worldwide have been showing their disinterest for. While the actual performance may not serve as an indicator for ROX nor SKT in the coming year, it should at least serve as glue for the ROX squad who may be feeling melancholic after a mediocre Worlds outing.

SKT has been experimenting with substitute players Blank, who is no stranger to the scene, and top laner Profit, who arrives from LSPL’s Young Glory. Despite their uninspiring performances, it was veteran carries Faker and Bang who put up uncharacteristically poor showings, the later of whom finished 2-6-4 in the elimination game.

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ROX’s Peanut, after starting a ridiculously successful streaming venture on Twitch earlier this offseason, returned to his incredibly impactful jungling style, with a 79% kill participation over the course of the series.

The ROX Tigers will face Kongdoo Monster in the finals, who managed to defeat ESC Ever on the other side of the bracket.

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