European Support Hybrid and Origen Part Ways

Aug 24, 2016

Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenbal recently announced via Twitter that he would be leaving EU LCS team Origen. Hybrid was left looking for a new team post-MSI when G2 made a move that had their bottom lane duo of Emperor and Hybrid swapping out for Zven and Mithy.

Things got off to a rough start right away for Hybrid and his new team, Origen. Just a couple of games into the split the team announced that Forg1ven, the last minute replacement to Zven, would be benched due to “motivation issues”, leaving Hybrid to support an ADC xPeke.

Origen went from being a World’s quarter-finalist to fighting for their lives in the relegation tournament just months later. Ultimately the OG veterans would prevail against the up and coming Misfits despite being underdogs according to many analysts.

Now that their nightmare split is over, Origen is left to make the appropriate adjustments necessary to get back on track to becoming a competitive team again. Apparently, the first step in that plan is to get rid of Hybrid.

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A day after Hybrid announced he is now a free agent, Origen released a statement of their own:

Today we announce that Glenn “HYBRID” Doornenbal is no longer a part of Origen. It has been a difficult decision to end our contract with Hybrid. We know he is one of the best players in his position, but perhaps the difficult circumstances of this split did not let him be a 100% focused on the project, as we expected.

At first we were very excited with the incorporation of Forg1ven and Hybrid. We thought we had a great botlane, because both of them are great players.
In fact, they were the best players that we could get at that moment. But to win games not everything depends on the individual skill and quality as a player. The human factor, the commitment to the team, helping out your teammates to create a good working environment for everyone so that everyone can give it their best are also highly influential.

Sadly, this was not achieved. The synergy we expected our botlane to have with each other, and the rest of the team, did not happen. Which led to our decision to let go of forg1ven, forcing xPeke to play in a position that is not his, despite his shortcomings.

And now, after having finished this season, we have decided to let go of Hybrid, whom we thank for his efforts for the team. We wish him best of luck in the new career opportunities which he will have surely.

The broken English and the “it’s not us, it’s you” tone is becoming a trend among Origen press releases. The organization should probably be given a pass on the English given their Spanish background, but underlying attitude isn’t going unnoticed.

Good luck to Hybrid on finding a good fit for the 2017 LCS season.

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