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DreamHack Open 2019 – Best and Worst Teams and Players

CS:GO DreamHack Recap DreamHack 2020 is already at the doorstep. It marks a new beginning, but at the same time provides an opportunity to summarize the results and accomplishments of the previous year. Today...
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Meta Differences in League of Legends Worlds 2018

League of Legends Worlds 2018 just happened, with Invictus Gaming taking the finals. This was the first time that a Chinese team had taken first place, but they had often been the runner ups. However, the truly astounding thing...
Team Liquid are the EU LCS Spring Split Champions

Team Liquid Topple 100 Thieves in NA LCS Spring Split Finals

Path to the Finals This past weekend saw the culmination of the NA LCS Spring Split, featuring Team Liquid and 100 Thieves. Team Liquid found their way into the NA LCS Finals by sweeping Cloud9 in the best-of-five Quarterfinals, and beating...

Is Another French Shuffle Inevitable?

  Throughout the entirety of CS:GO, there has always been a French contender. From VeryGames to Titan, LDLC to EnVyUs, there has always been a French roster that could be considered elite. As it stands currently, the two best French...
Fnatic Kikis on stage

Kikis Announces Free Agency for Top and Jungle Roles

Mateusz Kikis Szkudlarek, top laner and former jungle master, announced his free agency on Friday, opening the door to either role for 2017. The freshly turned top laner was a late addition to the lineup in July, replacing struggling top laner, Noh “Gamsu” Young-Jin, who...

Worlds Group A 2016: A Closer Look

Worlds Group A 2016 This past weekend the 2016 Worlds group draw took place, leaving us some time to salivate over the opening matches we'll be seeing when the end of the year Worlds tournament officially kicks off on September...

G2 Earns Second Shot at International Play by Beating Splyce

G2 Defeats Splyce at EULCS Summer Finals This past weekend G2 was able to defeat Splyce in the EU LCS Summer Split Grand Finals 3-1. G2 had been the consensus best team in Europe for a while before Splyce began...
H2K Jankos Vander EU Finals 3rd

Forg1ven’s Last Chance: H2K’s Fate in G2’s Hands

H2K officially claimed a third place finish in the 2016 EU LCS Summer Playoffs after defeating Unicorns of Love 3-1 in Kraków, Poland earlier today. H2K has been a consistently strong team for at least a year now thanks to an...

European Support Hybrid and Origen Part Ways

Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenbal recently announced via Twitter that he would be leaving EU LCS team Origen. Hybrid was left looking for a new team post-MSI when G2 made a move that had their bottom lane duo of Emperor and Hybrid swapping...
NiP Eleague

NiP’s Success at ELEAGUE

It's time for some hindsight while ELEAGUE approaches its final form. With NiP claiming the group B victory, ELEAGUE has already taken an interesting turn of events. How did the Swedes do it? Are we witnessing a NiP renaissance? NiP held a long reign until 2015....

Luminosity Take First Place at ESL Finals

The third season of the ESL Pro League has come to a close, and Luminosity have emerged victorious at yet another major LAN, further solidifying their position at the top of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive food chain. The Brazilian team have...

G2 Crash and Burn at MSI 2016

It has been 3 weeks since G2 defeated Origen 3-1 in the 2016 EU LCS Spring Split Finals. Just months prior, G2 defeated SK 3-2, replacing SK for the 2016 EU LCS season. This past week G2 have found...