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DreamHack Open 2019 – Best and Worst Teams and Players

Mar 25, 2020
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CS:GO DreamHack Recap

DreamHack 2020 is already at the doorstep. It marks a new beginning, but at the same time provides an opportunity to summarize the results and accomplishments of the previous year. Today we will take a look at DreamHack Open 2019.

Event Prize Pool 1st 2nd
DreamHack Sevilla 2019 $100,000 North (20) CR4ZY (19)
DreamHack Winter 2019 $100,000 forZe (13)  Tricked Esport (27)
DreamHack Atlanta 2019 $100,000 Heroic (16) Sprout (28)
DreamHack Rotterdam 2019 $100,000 CR4ZY (19) Heroic (16)
DreamHack Summer 2019 $100,000 OpTic Gaming (18) Team Ancient (22)
DreamHack Tours 2019 $100,000 Mousesports (12) Valiance (17)
DreamHack Rio de Janeiro 2019 $100,000 AVANGAR (14) FURIA Esports (16)

The least popular events of this championship are DreamHack Open Sevilla and Atlanta. The event has minimal results for all major indicators. The average number of viewers of the competition received a result of 10 and 9 thousand people respectively. The peak number of viewers of the championship reached the figure of 26 thousand viewers. 

In this case, the reasons for such results are because of the list of participants. The teams at Seville and Atlanta were far from the most popular. Among them, there was no place for representatives of the top ten HLTV, which means that the level of matches could not even get close to more popular events.

The most viewed tournaments were DreamHack Winter 2019 and DreamHack Summer. The average number of views for these tournaments was 22 and 20 thousand viewers, respectively. 

Standout Teams


AVANGAR was the first team that opened the season and won the first DreamHack in Rio de Janeiro. The fact that AVANGAR won the championship was not a surprise. The team from Kazakhstan approached the tournament as one of the main favorites. Jame and his teammates showed that they should be reckoned with, even at the group stage.

Optic Gaming

Optic Gaming has won DreamHack Open Summer 2019 and has shown good results. Unfortunately, as we already know the team has disbanded due to poor performance.


CR4ZY is another Croatian esports organization that managed to defeat Heroic in the finals of DreamHack Open Rotterdam 2019. The roster won the first tournament after the reshuffle.

In October 2019, CR4ZY was ranked at 16 place according to hltv. They were also able to secure top 3 places at DreamHack Atlanta and Winter.


Mousesports became the champion of a small tournament DreamHack Open Tours 2019. In the grand finals of which they defeated the Valiance team with a score of 2: 0. The symbolic MVP of the tournament was given to ropz.


forZe managed to pull out a victory at DreamHack Winter 2019. This was the first LAN they won in 4 months. The last victory of the Russian team was the championship at the CIS Minor – StarLadder Major 2019 in July.

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Underperforming Teams


Despite the fact that G2 Esports is a top-tier organization with the most experienced players and one of the main favorites of the tournaments, they showed unexpected lackluster results.

Although they only participated in the DreamHack Tours 2019, they did manage to disappoint their fans and placed 3-4 in the tournament. 

In the opening game against “Frogs” (50th place in the world ranking), G2 (at that time 8th place in the world ranking) showed poor performance and it was clear that the team is underperforming against the underdog. 


The European team was the main favorite in the Rio de Janeiro championship. At that time Valiance was ranked as top 17 team in the world. In the group stage, they took second place after defeating W7M Gaming twice but were defeated in the battle with Sharks Esports. In the playoffs, they faced AVANGAR, where they were defeated with a score of 1-2.

Many expected Valiance to reach the grand finals, but, unfortunately, Valiance & Co took 3-4th place in the DreamHack Open Rio 2019 and earned a cash prize of $ 10,000. 


GODSENT was a favorite team at DreamHack Winter and Sevilla. Many expected them to make it to the grand finals. They did show good results in the groups, confidently winning against CR4ZY, but they were unlucky with a playoffs bracket and were paired up against forZe (top 13 ranking on December). 

Despite the huge fan base of such veterans as Maikelele and maden, GODSENT did not show good results throughout the year, particularly at DreamHack Open tournaments. 

Standout Players of DreamHack Open 2019

Shipz. Image via Liquipedia.


19-year-old “SHiPZ” from CR4ZY started his carrier in Windigo Gaming.

They were able to win WESG Finals and SHiPZ was awarded the MVP of the tournament. Later on, he joined CR4ZY and they won DreamHack Open Rotterdam. He was the best-rated player according to HLTV.

Heroic stavn

The 17-year-old “stavn” joined Heroic in March 2019 and showed great performance during the year.

Heroic played at ESL One Cologne, ESL Pro League season nine finals, IEM Chicago in July. As for the DreamHack Open, he was the top ranked player in the team and helped to win DreamHack Open Atlanta in November.

FURIA yuurih

AVANGAR defeated Furia with a score of 2-1 (2:16 at Vertigo, 16: 8 at Inferno and 19:16 at Train) in the grand final of DreamHack Open Rio 2019.

Despite the defeat, the best player of the match was Yuri “yuurih” Santos. He finished the game with an average rating of 1.47.

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