SKT Huni

SKT’s New Roster: A Different Kind of Superteam

When SK Telecom T1 (SKT) announced in November they were releasing two of their own world champions, top laner Duke and jungler Bengi, surely they had a trick up their sleeves. Duke had a great summer 2016 split by...

ROX Finally Gets the Better of SKT in KeSPA Cup Semifinal

After another regrettable defeat at Worlds 2016, the ROX Tigers were finally able to overcome SK Telecom T1 2-0 in their best-of-3 series in the KeSPA Cup. While the result definitely comes as a pleasant change for the Tigers,...

Unbeatable SKT: SKT Defeat SSG 3-2, Win Third Summoner’s Cup

Powerhouse Korean team SK Telecom has just earned their third Summoner's Cup, defeating Samsung Galaxy in the grand finals of Worlds 2016 by a score of 3-2. This is nothing new for the dynasty that is SKT. No other League...

SKT vs ROX: What the Worlds 2016 Finals Could Have Been

The first semi-final series of Worlds 2016, SKT vs. ROX Tigers, was an incredible match-up. These are the teams you would expect to see in the grand finals, but instead, we got to see them kick off the semi-final action....
SKT on stage

SKT and Cloud9 Advance to Worlds Quarterfinals

The 2016 World Championship group stages wrapped up Sunday, sending forward North America’s Cloud9 as well as the two-time world champion SK Telecom T1. The defending champions were the first to qualify, sweeping three games to a 5-1 total record...
Worlds 2016 G2 ANX

Worlds 2016: Who’s Undefeated after Week 1?

Who's managed to remain undefeated at Worlds 2016? Not SK Telecom T1, nor Team SoloMid - not even number 1 seed from China, Edward Gaming, who had an undefeated season regionally. Heck, tournament favorites ROX Tigers have even dropped a match. In short, everyone has been beaten,...

SKT Takes Match-up between Former Teammates

The first match of Day 2 Worlds 2016 pitted North American veterans Cloud9 against the Korean overlords SK Telecom T1; the resulting match hardly lived up to the hype. SKT took the win in a 34 minute game that...

Worlds Group B 2016: A Closer Look

Worlds Group B 2016 This past weekend the 2016 Worlds group draw took place, leaving us some time to salivate over the opening matches we’ll be seeing when the end of the year Worlds tournament officially kicks off on September...

Western Teams Leave IEM Katowice with Mixed Results

SK T1 is leaving Katowice with another trophy. The Korean team managed to sweep Fnatic in the tournament finals 3-0, with the final game ending in a rare surrender vote. The final series wasn't close, but Fnatic, like TSM, deserve credit...

IEM Katowice 2016 Brings Us Cross-Region Play

There will be no LCS action this week. Instead, we will have our first glimpse at international League of Legends since IEM Cologne took place at the end of last year. IEM Katowice 2016 features 2 groups of 4 teams; each...

Bridging the Gap: Rick Fox and ESports

The ugly debate that has plagued eSports since the inception of the LCS: are professional gamers considered 'athletes'? They may not be physically gifted like Lebron James or Ronda Rousey, but their mental acuity and ability to read and react...

Pre-Season 2016 Changes: LoL Champions Korea

While the North American League starts to settle down and teams begin to settle, the pre-season 2016 Korean League is ablaze with action. Players leaving teams, management clearing teams to bring on new talent. The majority of this action has...