ROX Finally Gets the Better of SKT in KeSPA Cup Semifinal

After another regrettable defeat at Worlds 2016, the ROX Tigers were finally able to overcome SK Telecom T1 2-0 in their best-of-3 series in the KeSPA Cup. While the result definitely comes as a pleasant change for the Tigers,...

SKT vs ROX: What the Worlds 2016 Finals Could Have Been

The first semi-final series of Worlds 2016, SKT vs. ROX Tigers, was an incredible match-up. These are the teams you would expect to see in the grand finals, but instead, we got to see them kick off the semi-final action....

Worlds Group A 2016: A Closer Look

Worlds Group A 2016 This past weekend the 2016 Worlds group draw took place, leaving us some time to salivate over the opening matches we'll be seeing when the end of the year Worlds tournament officially kicks off on September...