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Breaking into Professional Hearthstone: Part Two

Editor's note: this article is the second installment of our series about becoming a professional Hearthstone player. Several weeks ago, one of our readers sent us an e-mail noting that there isn't much coverage out there about the semi-professional...
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Shocking Start to Trinity Series: Murdered by Murlocs

The Trinity Series tournament is a team-based Hearthstone tournament hosted by ESL. There are eight teams competing, each comprised of three members, and all of the teams bring one deck for every class. The teams both ban two classes, and...

One Last Hurrah for EnVyUs

The World Electronic Sports Games CS:GO tournament wrapped up this weekend with Team EnVyUs taking the title. With a prize pool of $1.5 million and a first place prize of $800,000, EnVyUs took home the biggest prize in CSGO...
SWC 2017

Viewership for SWC Signals Promising Future for Smite

It's been a while since we've seen any dramatic changes in the viewership hierarchy of MOBAs on Twitch. At almost any given time, you'll see that League of Legends has secured a place near the top three most watched titles. With...
Digital Chaos win ESL One Genting

Digital Chaos Win ESL One Genting: Redemption Story

Digital Chaos are this year's ESL One Genting champions. Detractors will say that this tournament lacked Evil Geniuses and OG, and therefore DC had an easier path to victory. Bull. Digital Chaos had to play up against TI6 champions Wings,...
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ESL One Genting: New Year, New Meta

It's just about time for ESL One Genting, and the views look amazing. The talent is on their way to Malaysia and the organizers are setting up the arena. Participating Teams: Fnatic (Direct Invite) Digital Chaos (Direct Invite) Wings Gaming (Direct...
Misplays in Hearthstone often go unpunished.

Misplays Are Rarely Punished in Hearthstone

  Misplays are something that everyone encounters in Hearthstone. If you're not sure what the term means or can’t figure it out from context, a misplay is a way to describe making incorrect or sub-optimal moves in a game. Everyone makes...

TSM Leffen Defeats Hungrybox at DPOTG

After struggling with visa issues for countless months, William "Leffen" Hjelte has finally captured another major Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament win this weekend at "Don't Park On The Grass" (DPOTG), nearly 7 months since his last major victory...
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Seatstory Cup VI: The Best Hearthstone Tournament

Introduction If you watch Hearthstone on Twitch, you’ll notice that recently it’s been nothing but Seatstory games. That’s because the newest Seatstory Cup, the sixth installment, is currently taking place. It’s a massive invitational tournament featuring thirty-two professional players. Nearly...
Home of the best things in Dota.

Five of the Best Things in Dota Last Week

We're all going to be talking about 7.00 and the Boston Major for weeks, so here's a quick look back at five of the best things in Dota from this past week: Fly and N0tail became the first players...
Drow Ranger was a popular pick during the group stages at the Boston Major.

The Boston Major: Best Plays from the Group Stages

The group stages of the Boston Major have already come to an end, and the seeding has set up some tough single-elimination matches for the tournament's main stage later this week. Along with Drow and Ogre Magi dominating during...
Boston Major Dota 2

Four Talking Points Ahead of the Boston Major

The Boston Major, held at the Wang Theater in Boston, Massachusetts, is only a few days away, and it's going to be one of the mostly tightly contested tournaments we've seen in a while. This is the first Valve...