Four Players to Watch at the Boston Major

Nov 10, 2016

With the Boston Major rapidly approaching, it’s time to take a look at the players we expect to stand out from the crowd. Who’s going to light up the tournament? With so much talent on display, and so many big names, anyone could steal the show. But there are a few players in particular who seem to be thriving over the past few months. Here’s why we think they’ll be the ones everyone is going to fear going up against.

RAMZES666 have been in great form over the past few months. Their young, highly talented roster has been together for a relatively long time now and they’ve been getting better and better. Whilst they all deserve credit, RAMZES666 has now firmly established himself as one of the premier carry players in Europe. His sheer consistency across a wide range of heroes makes him one of the best players to learn from. He regularly pulls his team back from tough situations with rock-solid performances and this guy doesn’t make many mistakes. Not bad for a 17 year old.


Another young talent, SumaiL needs no introduction. He’s been a feature of the Evil Genius’s line up for two years now and he’s got a TI title to his name. Whilst he’s been one of the best mids in the world for a long time, with Storm Spirit, Templar Assassin and several other of his favorite mid heroes firmly back in the meta now, you can guarantee he’ll dominate in Boston. SumaiL is such an aggressive laner that he often finds solo kills where no one would expect them to happen.

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After winning The International 2016 in such dominant fashion there is little doubt that all eyes will be on Wings Gaming at Boston, and most of all on the player many declared MVP of TI6. Shadow sailed through the main event with an overall KDA of 7.56, including 86 kills, 25 deaths and 109 assists. His dynamic carry play was a joy to watch and he’ll be looking to enhance his reputation further next month. Can they make it back to back Major wins?


Having been part of the professional scene since 2008 now, MiSeRy is one of the most experienced players around. After an abrupt dismissal from Team Secret following their win at the The Shanghai Major 2016 many felt he, and teammate w33, had been treated badly and they were left scrambling for a new team. After forming a new Digital Chaos squad, MiSeRy and w33 rapidly proved their worth, outperforming the new Team Secret line-up and finished 2nd at TI6. As captain MiSeRy is sure to lead his team from the front with his stellar support play and innovative drafts they’ll be a real contender at the Boston Major.

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