Juggernaut Dota guide 6.88
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Dota 2 Carry Guide: Juggernaut on 6.88e

Oct 30, 2016
Via steamcommunity.com

Why bother mastering Juggernaut? Easy: he’s possibly the most flexible carry in the game. Physical and magical damage, strong abilities at all stages of the match, a quick farmer, hard to pick off, decent team fight impact but also solo kill potential – he really does have it all. This versatility makes him one of the most useful characters to have in your arsenal.

Juggernaut Play-style

There are plenty of different ways to play Juggernaut. If you want to go down the hard-carry farming route then you’re best off putting him in the safe lane and building into a fast Battle Fury. Thanks to his Blade Fury, he’s excellent at killing off enemy offlaners so grab a disabling support along side you in lane and ask them to wrap around and set up easy kills. In lane look to stack or ask your supports to stack for you whenever possible – these can easily be farmed up with Blade Fury once you’ve got it maxed out and this is crucial to getting that rapid Battle Fury.

Juggernaut can also be played as a mid lane hero. In this case you’ll usually look to pressure and sustain with your spells and then build into early impact items. A Drum of Endurance or Yasha will help you get pick-offs with Omnislash and then push with Healing Ward.

Juggernaut Ability Build

There is no set ability build for Juggernaut so learn to adapt to each situation accordingly. You’ll always want to take Omnislash whenever possible though, and usually you’ll look to max out Blade Fury first. Early points in Healing Ward can help you sustain in lane and contribute to successful pushes. Taking a few points in stats early on is also often a good idea since it will improve your farming speed and make you harder to gank. Don’t focus on taking points in in Blade Dance though – whilst you’ll put a value point in it before too long, early points will mess up your last hitting and the ability only goes from a 20% chance to a 35% chance to crit.

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Juggernaut Item Build

Juggernaut guide item build 6.88
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Generally, you’ll want to start off with a Stout Shield, an Enchanted Mango, and some stat/reg items. A Quelling Blade is pretty much essential so get that next. Boots of choice on Juggernaut are usually Phase, but Treads are fine if you prefer. If you’re going for a farming build then Aquila into Battle Fury are standard, otherwise a Drums, Sange & Yasha, or Manta Style are good early options. A Blink Dagger is almost essential, since this will allow you to blink onto back line support heroes to Omnislash and allows you to split push more effectively across the map. If you want to go for a stat build then Manta Style, Butterfly, Skadi and Diffusal Blade are all options to consider – Manta allows you remove silences and your illusions will slowly wear down the enemy structures.

Otherwise, Abyssal Blade is great for locking down those Weavers or Pucks. Black King Bar is essential some games when the other team has tons of magical damage, so don’t be afraid to buy it on Jug. If you want to boost your Omnislash then Maelstrom is generally the way to go, since it’s damage scales with attack speed, but this kind of build will turn you into a bit of a glass cannon so watch out.

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