League of Legends Playmaking Champions Strategies Examples

The Definitive Guide to Playmaking in League of Legends

In League of Legends, playmaking begins with an assessment of the current game state. When you're trying to make a play, it's important that your team doesn't allocate more resources than necessary, otherwise you'll expose yourself to retaliation across...
The best resources, strategies, and tools for improving at Dota 2.

Resources, Strategies, and Tools for Getting Better at Dota

Want to become a better player, but don't know where to start? Me neither, most of the time. Finding a place to start training your Dota skills can be difficult, if not downright intimidating. In many ways, mastering competitive gaming is...

Six Ways to Improve Your Map Awareness in League of Legends

Good map awareness in League of Legends means paying attention to the game state: what the other nine players are building, where they are on the map, and what they're doing. Map awareness allows you to make informed decisions, like what...
Dota 2 Anti-Mage Guide

Dota 2 Guide: How to Play Anti-Mage

Anti-Mage is one of the most popular heroes in Dota 2. Whether he's a good pick or not, you'll see players grabbing him whenever they get the chance because there's something immensely satisfying about his game play. Once he's...
Dota 2 7.06f - Heroes - Wraith King

Dota 2 Patch Analysis: Key Changes in 7.06f

Dota 2's post-TI7 patch has arrived. It's only a small one, so don't get too excited. No new heroes or items. Not yet, anyway. Clearly, IceFrog felt the meta was getting a little stale, so the folks over at Valve decided...
How did Team Liquid win TI7? Lane dominance, masterful drafting, and the ability to learn from their mistakes all played a significant factor in propelling the team to victory in KeyArena.

Dota 2: How Team Liquid Won TI7

"Team Liquid are no longer doing it, Team Liquid have done it!" Despite falling down to the lower bracket and battling hard against some outstanding Chinese sides, Team Liquid are your The International 2017 Champions and the undisputed best team in the...
Dota TI7 Group Stage analysis.

TI7 Group Stage Analysis: Four Key Takeaways

Once again, the TI7 Group Stage has generated an entirely new meta, and there have been plenty of new developments for Dota lovers to mull over this weekend before the Main Event begins. We've seen teams under-performing, defying expectations, and...
These are our TI7 meta predictions.

The International 2017: TI7 Meta Predictions

Which heroes will define the The International Dota 2 Championships 2017? Will it be the push heroes of TI4, with Nature's Prophet and Shadow Shaman reigning supreme? Or the rat Dota of TI3 with the Tiny-Wisp combo making a...
Warding is a team effort, especially when it comes to top lane vision.

League of Legends: Top Lane Vision Guide

Early game vision does more than just spot a ganking jungler. Having vision enables you to make opportune trades in lane, or choose favorable skirmishes over camps. If you can ward the jungler at his starting camp, you will...
Warding is tough, but vision is everything in Dota, and if you want to win more games in 7.06d, our guide outlines some of the best warding spots we've found.

Dota 2: Best Cheeky Warding Spots in 7.06

Being good at warding is a skill that often gets overlooked, but if you've played enough Dota, you know that vision can make or break a game. Indeed, vision is everything in Dota, and if you can use observer wards to...
Mastering the deny mechanic in Dota 2 can give you a huge edge over your opponents.

Dota 2: How to Deny Creeps, Towers, and Teammates Like a Pro

Some of the most stylish plays you'll see in Dota 2 tend to involve somebody killing their own teammate or tower. There's nothing more frustrating than seeing your hard-earned tower kill stolen away from you, or that hero you've worked so hard...
Expect to see lots of Clockwerk at TI7.

The Heroes of the TI7 Qualifiers

With the conclusion of the International 2017 Qualifiers, and the group stages only a month away, it's time to turn our attention towards the TI7 metagame. IceFrog has already made a few tweaks before it kicks off, with the...