Dota 2 Mid Heroes

Dota 2: The Best Unconventional Mid Heroes

We've got a crazy meta on our hands right now. At the Summit 7, one of the last large events before TI7, Dota fans got a chance to see how pros were adjusting to the new patch, and certain teams, especially
Want to beat Act I of Dota 2's Siltbreaker campaign? Pick your heroes, items, and teammates carefully, because clearing the campaign isn't easy.

How to Beat Act I of Dota 2’s Siltbreaker Campaign

Dota's latest event, a multiplayer co-op campaign called "Siltbreaker," has officially gone live, only a week (give or take) after the initial release date promised by Valve. It's only available to players who have purchased the Battle Pass for...
Read our guide to learn how to use Solar Crest efficiently in Dota 2.

Dota 2: How to Win Games with Solar Crest

Solar Crest has been a go-to item in Dota in recent patches, making regular appearances in the inventories of both carries and supports alike. And why wouldn't anyone want to buy it? It's affordable, greatly improves your survivability and kill...
Keeper of the Light is an incredibly useful support hero, capable of wiping out the other team's mana pool and providing impressive pushing power. This Keeper of the Light guide is designed to help you make the most of the hero.

Dota 2 Guide: How to Win Games with Keeper of the Light

Ezalor, the Keeper of the Light (KotL), is a ranged Intelligence hero. He rides around on a horse, carries a staff, and has a big bushy beard. He's Dota's version of Gandalf. Keeper of the Light is a common pick...
Sven received a couple nerfs in 7.06b, but the hero remains one of the breakout stars in the still young meta of Dota's 7.06 patch.

Dota 2: The Best Heroes of Patch 7.06b

The release of Dota's 7.06 patch has drastically changed the meta and tempo of the game. To check out the full 7.06 patch notes, you can refer to Valve's nicely organized list here. If you've been out of the Dota loop, get...
Diffusal Blade is a common purchase on Riki, and the item's Manabreak passive makes him even better at finding pickoffs around the map.

Dota 2: How to Use Diffusal Blade to Win Games

Picked up in over fifty percent of Dota 2 games, Diffusal Blade is a powerful item that gives heroes and their illusions the ability to Manabreak their opponents—this is, it's worth noting, an ability that only Anti-Mage possesses innately....
Nature's Prophet is a popular hero to draft in a deathball strat, known for his fearsome early game presence and ability to rat the other team to death.

Dota 2: What Is a Deathball Strat?

If you tuned into Dota 2's Kiev Major last week, you might've heard the analyst panel mention the possible appearance of a "deathball strat." Popular among teams from the CIS region, a deathball strat prioritizes ganking and fighting over laning and...
The Kiev Major is right around the corner. Need help with your predictions? You've come to the right place.

Dota 2: Kiev Major Predictions

Dota 2's Kiev Major kicks off in a weeks time and all signs indicate that we've got a phenomenal tournament in the works. There's a fresh new patch to level out the meta, plenty to teams with lots to prove,...
Alchemist has been one of the most popular heroes in 7.04, and we expect to see him receive significant nerfs in Patch 7.05.

Dota 2: What Do We Need in Patch 7.05?

With the Dota Asia Championships 2017 behind us, and the Kiev Major only a few weeks away, it's highly likely that IceFrog will make a few balancing tweaks to the game. Valve will presumably want to avoid destabilizing the...
Lina has been an unexpectedly popular pick at DAC 2017, largely thanks to her buffs in 7.03 and the way the 7.04 meta is developing.

7.04 Meta Report: The Heroes of DAC 2017

The Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 has highlighted some huge shifts in the metagame, and plenty of top teams are reevaluating their prioritization of certain heroes. We've seen Monkey King rise to prominence as a roaming support, Lina reemerge as a competitive midlaner,...
Puck is one of several heroes that players will likely see more of in Patch 7.04.

Patch 7.04: How Much Has the Meta Changed?

Over the past couple weeks, Valve has released two gameplay updates for Dota 2--the dust from Patch 7.03 barely had time to settle before Patch 7.04 went live. Clearly IceFrog wanted to freshen up the the metagame before the Dota 2 Asian...
Shadow Demon's place in the meta is still unclear following a series of nerfs to illusions and his abilities. Will he return to dominance in Patch 7.03?

Dota 2: Is the Shadow Demon Meta Dead?

Is there anything more frustrating in Dota than sitting in your base trying to repel and endless army of illusions from whittling down your towers? For the past year, give or take, Shadow Demon strats have been a cornerstone of...