Heroes of the Storm Skins

No Gifts for You! Why Heroes Doesn’t Have Gifting

Last week I wrote an article on China's new laws about regulating randomized chests. Since then I've been looking into various MOBAs and their buying and trading systems. One game that stood out to me was Heroes of the Storm...
Esports fans regularly fill stadiums to watch their favorite teams compete.

What It Means to Be a Fan: Etiquette and Sportsmanship

With 2016 coming to a close, I can't help but look back at the past year of esports, particularly while I was at the Boston Major this past weekend. We've had a lot of growth and we've come a long way....
MMR peddlers wait in the forest to prey on unsuspecting 1k scrubs.

Too Many Boosted Animals Paying for MMR

I’ll be the first to admit I whine about my MMR sometimes. I lose my cool when I’m grinding and a ranked game doesn’t go my way. I moan that it’s not my fault that I didn’t know that...

Esports, Sports Recognition, and Visas

So it’s called an “esport”? It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the Dota 2 community and you’ve no doubt heard about the visa issues that have prevented teams like Execration from attending the Boston Major. If you haven’t, you...
Maize Sidekick Vladdy

Maize Review: A Cornucopia of Surprises

When my editor came to me with Maize, I asked what it was about. Editor: “Well, there’s sentient corn-” Me: “Stop. It’s done. Send it to me. I need it.” Maize may sound like an upscale vegan eatery in Brooklyn, but it’s...
IN WIN's 303 Gaming Chassis

In WIN 303 Review: Tempered Glass and Honey Comb

IN WIN's 303 IN WIN has produced a mid-tower that combines a minimalist approach to hardware with practical design sensibilities that appeal to both PC  and gamer alike. Every aspect of the IN WIN 303 was carefully considered, from the honeycomb ventilation design on the...
Heroes of the Storm MOBA

Heroes of the Busy Gamer: Accepting a Casual MOBA

In the past couple years, we've seen a surge in the popularity of MOBA games. This kind of competition between titles is healthy. Each time a patch is released, developers take the opportunity to not only look at how the game...

Zarya Brushes Off Nerfs: Gravity Still Kills

While the biggest part of the recent patch was a new character, Sombra, Blizzard also shipped a wide range of nerfs, including several major ones to Zarya. Given that Zarya appeared in nearly every pro match, and was part of almost every...

Two Step Guide to Escape ELO Hell

I don't believe in ELO Hell. There isn't a MMR where the other players completely compromise your progress, but other players can make some games unwinnable. When you stop climbing, it's because your mindset is frozen or your abilities...
The International 6 at Key Arena.

One Year Working in Esports: A Retrospective

I realized earlier today that I'm now celebrating a year working in esports. Last August, I answered an ad for a volunteer writer for an up and coming esports website. I was offered the gig, wrote one article, and...

Jung’s Wednesday Rant: Why Wired Gaming Mice Suck Ass

Don't burn me at the stake please. I'm using a wired mouse right now. Does that make me a hypocrite? No, but it does make me quite unhappy. Wireless gaming mice are still too unreliable to be used for serious multiplayer gaming, but...

Riot Was Right to Remove Normal Draft

Every time something gets taken away from the community, an incredibly vocal minority starts crying out, usually exaggerating facts and ignoring the objective. Last season, it was solo queue. Before that, the reaction had surrounded things like Mana Potions...