It's models like this that make the wireless mouse movement a joke. WHY WOULD YOU ONLY HAVE A SINGLE BUTTON APPLE?

Jung’s Wednesday Rant: Why Wired Gaming Mice Suck Ass

Nov 16, 2016
It's models like this that make the wireless mouse movement a joke. WHY WOULD YOU ONLY HAVE A SINGLE BUTTON APPLE?

Don’t burn me at the stake please. I’m using a wired mouse right now.

Does that make me a hypocrite?

No, but it does make me quite unhappy.

Wireless gaming mice are still too unreliable to be used for serious multiplayer gaming, but the peripheral market is known for innovation when it matters most. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the biggest annoyance about wired mice for me is… well… the wire.

Wire Clamps for Wired MiceI feel like I can never get a solid setup on my desk. I even bought these stupid wire clamps to try to organize my cables, but it still absolutely kills me.

That tiny bit of resistance when I scroll too far on my mousepad… It’s an auto-tilt for me. I’m not even OCD; I haven’t vacuumed in like 3 months. But when it comes to the physical properties of wired mice, I could not be more sensitive.

I have a dream that one day wireless mice will be reliable enough for me to game with.

I have a dream that they will not be twice the price of their wired counterparts.

I have a dream, most of all, that I will no longer be bullied for preferring wireless mice to wired mice. What have wireless mice ever done to you?

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But for now, there is no better solution, and people are going to love wired mice for a long time. Even when the reliability of wireless products gets there, ‘diehard’ users will still fallaciously tout their old devices. And without the demand for new iterations, they won’t come.

I encourage you to join me in my quest for a reliable wireless mouse. One that I can use for Overwatch, for League of Legends—even for Osu. Also, it needs to fit into my college beer budget.

Until that day comes, we brethren will hide amongst our peers using wired mice, tilting more with each successive movement. I just want a wireless gaming mouse that works.

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Jungroan Lin
Jungroan "Jezie" Lin is a Challenger League of Legends player, former top lane player for Complexity Gaming, and former jungler for Team Green Forest. He spent 6 months of his life playing only Renekton, Shyvana, and Dr. Mundo while failing to qualify for the LCS. Jungroan is currently pursuing his M.A. in Political Science at UBC.
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