Card Histories: Elite Tauren Chieftan

Sep 22, 2015

Elite Tauren Chieftan: The Rock Band of Warcraft

Elite Tauren Chieftan is a rock band made up of Blizzard employees. They have preformed at Blizzcon in the past and have released several singles, including their most known songs: “Power of the Horde,” “I Am Murloc,” “Terran Up the Night,” “Raise Some Hell,” and “Rogues Do It From Behind.” Their first appearance was in the credits of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, with the song “Power of the Horde.” The members of the band are Vocalist Samwise Didier, Rhythm Guitarist Chris Sigaty, Lead Guitarist Dave Berggren, Bassist Mike Morhaime, and Drummer Alan Dabiri.

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Alan Dabiri’s Tauren Character is featured in both the Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm versions of the character, despite him being the band’s drummer. The band can be seen performing and resting in game in several locations in World of Warcraft. Before their performance, an announcement is sent to all players within the vicinity of the performance zone.

E.T.C. is a legendary neutral minion added in the Hearthstone base game. The golden version of the card is soulbound and can only be attained by purchasing a Blizzcon 2013 Virtual or Physical Ticket. Thus, it is no longer possible to officially purchase the code for a golden E.T.C. The card can grant one of three Power Chords: “Power of the Horde,” “I Am Murloc,” or “Rouges Do It…” Each is a reference to one of the band’s famous Warcraft-related songs. At the time of its addition, E.T.C. was rivaled only by the card Twisting Nether for the longest animation in the game. Additionally, Power Chords were the first cards to have custom sound effects upon being cast instead of the default sound used by other cards.

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