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How to Explain Esports to Your Friends and Family

Answering the Question: What Is Esports? People frequently ask me what it is that I do, especially since it's known that I'm not currently employed in the career field in which I hold degrees. Usually when I tell them I...
The life of a left-handed gamer.

The Life of a Left-Handed Gamer

Handedness is a preference for using one hand over the other for fine motor tasks, such as throwing a ball or writing. As much as 90% of the population is right-handed and only about 10% are left-handed. Because of...
Annie "AnneDroid" LeClair. (Photo courtesy of Moonduck Studios.)

Interview with AnneeDroid: For the Love of Dota

Annie “AnneeDroid” LeClair's rise from an amateur caster who set up a makeshift studio to cast games in her college dorm to a commentator at The International 2016 is an inspiring tale of dedication, perseverance, and talent. Annie took the...
RYL Godlike LMQ ackerman

That Time I Played Against the Best Top Laner in China

Rewind four years. North American League of Legends didn't need to have import rules yet. TSM, as per usual, was on top of the region. I still thought I had a chance at being good at the game. In fact,...
Screenshot from 2GD Studio's TI4 EU Hub, featuring Draskyl and 2GD.

Dota 2 Hub Streams: Friend Simulator 2.0

Bring back any fond memories? The famous GD Studio TI4 hub is actually what got me into Dota. I had a friend convince me to check it out by promising me there were kittens. Indeed, there were kittens. After watching the stream...
Quitting League of Legends was one of the healthiest choices I've made as both a gamer and a person.

Quitting League of Legends Made Me a Happier Person

Before I talk about quitting League of Legends, I'd like to share a quick story. Last week, I was playing PLAYERUKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS with a group of friends. For those out of the loop, here's how the game works: you...

The Benefits of Taking a Break from CS:GO

There was a time when I would play CS:GO for hours at a time on a daily basis. At one point, I even had aspirations of becoming a professional player. Recently, however, I noticed that I usually ended up playing...

CS:GO Player History: Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo originally made his name as a star AWPer in CS 1.6, where many hailed him as the heir apparent to cogu, one of the greatest AWPers in Counter-Strike history. FalleN dabbled in CS:Source and Crossfire, but...
Join us as we take you on a visual walkthrough of Act Five in Path of Exile's Fall of Oriath expansion.

Path of Exile: A Visual Walkthrough of Act Five

With the release of Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath on the horizon, players with access to the beta have began exploring this massive new expansion in preparation. Until now, Path of Exile's campaign had four sections ("Acts"), but in Fall of...
Racing is one of the best ways for newer Path of Exile players to learn more about the game's intricate and complex mechanics.

Path of Exile: The Joy of Racing

This month, as Grinding Gear Games prepare to release their highly-anticipated 3.0 patch, Path of Exile is hosting a series of events, many of which are races of various kinds. I've talked about racing before, and you should definitely...
Loda has been one of the cornerstones of professional Dota since he won TI3 with the Alliance roster.

Loda Bids Farewell: Alliance Drops the Lord of Dol Amroth

Some have been calling for it for years. Some never thought they'd never see the day. Loda is out of Alliance. Here's a link to the official announcement from the organization. Alliance's history has been tumultuous. From their contentious decision to drop EternalEnvy in...
SG e-sports pulled off an upset victory against Team Secret at the Kiev Major that reminded the world to never underestimate smaller teams.

The Underdog Story: SG e-sports at the Kiev Major

The Kiev Major, like every Major that preceded it, taught us another valuable lesson about underdogs in esports. At the Boston Major, Ad Finem fought their way to the Grand Finals in a feat of passion and skill that reminded...