The trading system in Path of Exile is confusing, especially for new players.

Is Trading Path of Exile’s Greatest Weakness?

Today I spent about 120 Chaos Orbs in Path of Exile, gearing out my new character. That’s not a lot, as far as high-end gear goes, but it'll do for now. The entire process took me several hours, and...
many games played at Olympic Cards and Comics on International Tabletop Day.

International Tabletop Day: A Celebration of Community

You'd think tabletop gaming was a dying art in the age of Candy Crush and Overwatch, but you couldn't be more wrong. Olympia is more than just the oft-forgotten capital of Washington. It's also home to a thriving and growing community...
Esports Burnout - Watching Dota

Esports Burnout and the Dreaded Work-Life Balance

The "work-life" balance is often discussed in professional circles. When I was interviewing for my day job, both employers made a point to bring it up with me during the interview. There are good reasons for this--it's important to...

Don’t Order the Fish Tacos: A Lesson in Gaming

I am addicted to Yelp. I'm not the hardcore foodie who travels around snapping pics of menus and reviewing every restaurant, bar, and food truck within 50 miles. My interest in Yelp vanishes the moment my stomach is full....
Borderlands 2 Monster Turkey

Esports Edition Thanksgiving: What Makes Us Grateful

It's that time of year again. Turkeys. Cranberry sauce. Mashed potatoes. Family dinners that are simultaneously ruined and saved by alcohol. That's right, fellow Americans: it's Thanksgiving. Video games are the great unifier of families during the holidays. Whether you're...

Melonzz on Harassment and Negativity in Dota 2

As Dota 2 players, we’ve all had that one game where we tilt. We flame our opponents for their misplays, we criticize their item build (because who builds a Radiance on Sniper) and we scream for them to uninstall...
The International 6 at Key Arena.

One Year Working in Esports: A Retrospective

I realized earlier today that I'm now celebrating a year working in esports. Last August, I answered an ad for a volunteer writer for an up and coming esports website. I was offered the gig, wrote one article, and...
Grand Final Apac Premier Overwatch

APAC Premier: The Best of the East and the West

The APAC Premier produced the East vs West final that has been anticipated since Overwatch's release. Rogue and Lunatic-Hai stepped forward as the teams to represent their regions. The 1st place prize of $75,000 was the second largest to date. But more importantly, the APAC Premier...
Overwatch Soldier 76 Jack Morrison Backstory Infographic

Overwatch Origins #1: Soldier: 76

There's no getting around it: Overwatch lore is really, really confusing. What’s an Omnic? What actually is Overwatch? What happened to Soldier: 75? Where does Mei go to get haircuts? Why are people trying to push a cart? We still...

The Five Cringiest Gaming-Related Phrases

Let the Cringe Begin The beauty of the modern era is that gaming has become so socially acceptable, everyone has at least some idea of what video games are - and no one is harshly judged by their peers for...

Top 3 Dota Players to Follow for the Fall Major Season

It can be really hard to be a fan of specific teams in Dota. Even with the roster lock system, players change lliances (huehuehue) so its a common occurrence that by the time you throw your support behind an organization,...

How to Kill Time until Worlds Week 2 Begins

The first week of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship has concluded and already many hardcore fans are suffering withdrawal symptoms. It has never been more fun to be a fan of competitive League of Legends.