One Night in Karazhan

What's in a meta? Lots of overpowered stuff, it turns out.

Hearthstone: 2016 Meta Review

It's finally 2017. Happy New Year to everyone! For our first Hearthstone article of the New Year, we wanted to take a look back at the meta throughout 2016. A look at the best, the worst, and the Shamans. Are...

Totem Shaman Guide

Introduction Recently there have been many variants of Shaman decks flying around. This is because Shaman is undisputed as the best class at the moment. Everyone is seeking to find the best Shaman deck to get an edge on their...

Midrange Shaman Guide

Introduction Midrange Shaman and Aggro Shaman have been vying for position as top Shaman deck for a while. While Aggro Shaman typically comes out on top, there is a good argument to be made for Midrange Shaman. Personally, I prefer...
Hearthstone Hunter Fun

Barnes Hunter Guide

Introduction First and foremost, I did not make this deck. This was made by redditor AbarHS, who also streams. I’ve been playing his list all day, and I quite like it. It’s a take on the familiar Yogg-n-Load Hunter that...

The Curator and the Missing Murloc

Introduction The Menagerie wing of One Night in Karazhan opened this week, and with it, The Curator. The Curator has the potential to provide insane value, the trick is finding a deck to put him in. When played, he draws...

The Arcane Giant Archetype

Introduction Barnes wasn’t the only fantastic new card introduced this week. The second wing of One Night in Karazhan also brought Arcane Giant. Arcane Giant is the new spell based giant, his cost is reduced for spells played. The mechanic...

Barnes Has a Lot of Potential!

Introduction This week the second wing of One Night in Karazhan was released. With it came the second legendary, Barnes. Barnes is a very interesting card. He makes use of the 1/1 version of cards that we’ve seen a few...
Aggro Druid has returned in Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro expansion. It's fast, flexible, and fun deck that's good in most matchups.

Beast Druid Guide – Karazhan

Introduction Beast Druid is an archetype that Blizzard has been pushing for quite a while. The last two expansions have added a lot of beast synergy within the Druid class. Now, with the new One Night in Karazhan cards, the...
One Night In Karazhan

Hearthstone Creativity Is Misplaced

Introduction The new Hearthstone expansion One Night in Karazhan’s first wing has been launched. With it, the typical three adventures have opened up. For those unfamiliar, players must beat the AI in interesting scenarios to unlock the cards. This time...

Thirty Legendary Deck Guide

Introduction The Thirty Legendary Deck is something that most players have heard of. It is, as the name would suggest, a deck comprised of only legendary cards. The deck has always been a gimmick, and that has not and will...
Design problems everywhere.

Blizzard’s Design Flaws

Introduction So anyone that has read my articles for any length of time knows that I hate random effects. I’ve also made it clear that I was overjoyed when Blizzard removed GvG from Standard. That random-ridden expansion can rot in...

Priest Continues to Lose

Introduction It’s no secret that Priest is in a bad spot right now. They’ve been the lowest class on the totem for quite a while, and by a significant margin. They were given a bad hand from Whispers of the...