One Night in Karazhan

Medivh, the Guardian, Emerges from Karazhan!

Introduction The One Night in Karazhan expansion continues with the recent addition of Medivh, the Guardian himself. Medivh is a mage who serves as the guardian of Trisfal. He has gone through several hardships, and has emerged victorious and immortal....
One Night In Karazhan

One Night in Karazhan – Prince Malchezaar Revealed!

One Night in Karazhan The card reveals for the new expansion, One Night in Karazhan, have continued. This time we have books, imps, and one of the coolest legendaries I’ve seen. Several old mechanics have been continued and potentially improved...
One Night In Karazhan

One Night in Karazhan Announcement

Introduction The new Hearthstone expansion has been announced! One Night in Karazhan will be launching August 11th. As usual, the wings will be 700 gold or $6.99 USD, or $19.99 for the entire expansion. The expansion will feature 45 new...