Cloud9 and TSM will meet, once again, in the LCS finals.

TSM and C9 Set to Clash in Spring 2017 LCS Finals

A Cloud9 vs. Team SoloMid grand finals. We've seen the matchup play out on five separate occasions, and still, games between the two most winning-est League of Legends franchises in North America have yet to be anything less than...
Allen "Linsanity" Lin has been trying to launch his LCS career for years. Despite his remarkable talent, there aren't any takers in the LCS.

Interview with Linsanity: The Challenger Dream Is Dead

When the North American League of Legends Championship Series was founded in Spring of 2013, it turned the heads of countless gamers--with Riot's support, the esports dream was now one step closer to reality. Even better? Professionals didn't have to...
Doublelift will be joining Team Liquid in the locker room for the rest of the Spring Split.

Doublelift on Loan to Team Liquid

Days after swapping their former World Champion marksman into the midlane, Team Liquid has once again claimed all esports headlines with their acquisition of Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng. In a Facebook post, Team Liquid announced that Doublelift will be coming in...
C9 TSM Shake Hands - C9 TSM Shake Hands - NA LCS Parity

League of Legends: NA LCS Approaches Parity

A tie for first. A tie for last. And ties running all the way down. The 2017 Spring season of the NA LCS has brought us closer to something we've never seen before: parity. As of the end of Week 5, no team...
Cop on stage - NA LCS Summer 2015

Cop Joins Team Dignitas as Head Coach

The ailing Team Dignitas has made a change to their LCS lineup, recruiting David "Cop" Roberson as their new head coach, the organization announced Friday. A change of any kind comes as little surprise, as Dignitas rank currently sit towards the...
ArrowCover - Edge of Night Featured Image

Edge of Night Dominates in Week Four NA LCS

  Appearing in every NA LCS game this past weekend, the Edge of Night meta is in full swing. While most players are getting used to 7.3, the past two weeks of Pro-play have been on 7.2, also known as...

The Great Ivern Outbreak of LCS Week 3

Ivern has exploded as a powerful jungle pick during the third week of the LCS. After being picked eight times in the first two weeks of EU play, this supportive jungler became 100% pick ban in the EU LCS...
NA LCS Spring Week One

NA LCS Week One: Plenty of Surprises

Week One of the North American League of Legends Championship came and went, and presented us with perhaps the most entertaining opening weekends in a few years. The wildest matches and narratives captivated fans as all ten teams fought...
EnVyUs LirA

LirA to Make Belated LCS Debut with EnVyUs

North America’s Team EnVyUs stumbled their way to a 0-2 start during the opening weekend of the League of Legends Championship Series, due to visa issues that forced them to compete without starting jungler Nam "LirA" Tae-yoo. Their team’s fortunes have...
Spring Split Featured Image

Spring Split 2017: Preseason Power Rankings

North America's League of Legends offseason may have been the wildest to date. We saw NBA  investors, Korean stars sailing in, the return of Dignitas, and plenty of players migrating as organizations assembled lineups to compete in the NA LCS....
The introduction of the 10 ban system in League of Legends will, we hope, increase champion diversity at both the casual and professional level.

10 Bans in League of Legends: Strategy, Depth, and Diversity

In a measure to increase champion diversity in professional play, Riot announced this January that teams will now ban a total of 10 champions during champion select. In addition to increasing overall champion diversity, the change presents teams with...
NA LCS Summer 2015 Week

It’s Almost LCS Time: Five Important Questions

There’s still plenty of dust to settle as the offseason comes to a close, but the North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS) is right around the corner. At the tail end of an offseason headlined by high...