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Meet Thomas “Crow_Se7en” Moy: Deaf Gamer & Overwatch Player

After interviewing Chris “Phoenix” Robinson of DeafGamersTV, Thomas "Crow_Se7en" Moy reached out to Esports Edition to give us his perspective on being a deaf gamer. He is an aspiring professional Overwatch player and vlogger. Thomas has a great sense of humor and unique...
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AnyKey Affiliate Interview: Anxiety Gaming

As part of an ongoing series with AnyKey, I had the opportunity to speak with Jason Docton from Anxiety Gaming. Anxiety Gaming is an American non-profit that works with gamers and professional esports organizations, and offers free mental health...

Anykey Affiliate Interview: DeafGamersTV

As part of an ongoing series with AnyKey, I had the opportunity to chat with Chris "Phoenix" Robinson, the mastermind behind DeafGamersTV. Chris is an advocate for gaming accessibility, as well as an affiliate of AnyKey. This interview has been edited...
Path of Exile

Interview with Carl De Visser of Grinding Gear Games

Carl de Visser is a Producer and Game Designer at Grinding Gear Games, and he took some time out of their busy War for the Atlas launch schedule to chat with Esports Edition about Path of Exile’s newest expansion,...
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Interview with Path of Exile Streamer KittenCatNoodle

KittenCatNoodle recently became a full-time Twitch streamer, and mostly plays Path of Exile. We sat down for an interview with her and chatted about her streaming career, Path of Exile, and her hopes for the future of the game. You...
Ryan "OpTicJ" Musselman, COO of OpTic Gaming

OpTic COO Ryan “OpTicJ” Musselman on the Future of OWL

Blizzard's upcoming Overwatch League has been a hot topic in the esports world for quite some time now. Among the teams participating is OpTic Gaming, who will be responsible for managing Houston's team in the League. I had the...
Dotabuff Interview Co-Founder

Interview with Dotabuff Co-Founder Sabina “Lawliepop” Hemmi

It’s hard to find a Dota 2 player who hasn’t used the popular game analysis platform Dotabuff. Dotabuff, and its counterpart Overbuff, pull statistics and information from your games and let users parse through the data. I sat down with Sabina...
We interviewed Chris Wilson, a Lead Designer and Producer at Grinding Gear Games, about Path of Exile's Fall of Oriath expansion, third-party programs and services, and game optimization.

Interview with Chris Wilson: What’s Next for Path of Exile?

Chris Wilson is a Producer and Lead Designer at Grinding Gear Games, and he took some time out of a much-needed vacation to chat with Esports Edition about Path of Exile's The Fall of Oriath expansion, the current state of...
Annie "AnneDroid" LeClair. (Photo courtesy of Moonduck Studios.)

Interview with AnneeDroid: For the Love of Dota

Annie “AnneeDroid” LeClair's rise from an amateur caster who set up a makeshift studio to cast games in her college dorm to a commentator at The International 2016 is an inspiring tale of dedication, perseverance, and talent. Annie took the...
Noel "noeL" Rosario competing at a Brawlhalla tournament.

Brawlhalla Esports Spotlight: Noel “noeL” Rosario

Brawlhalla hasn't just gotten the attention of folks looking to try out a new fighting game, it's also attracted professional players who are determined to carve out their place in the esports history books. Noel "noeL" Rosario is one of...
Pro Rivalry League or PRL, is a Rocket League organization that has grown rapidly due to to their attention to community needs.

PRL Interview: Rocket League Community Shoots for the Stars

Pro Rivalry League (PRL) was created with the intention of bringing together the Rocket League community, creating a place where dedicated players could hone their skills, compete for prize money, and launch their esports careers. While the professional scene in every...
Adam Thao is the head of the University of Minnesota's League of Legends club, event organizer, and scholarship recipient.

U of MN Esports: Scholarships, Community, and Careers

The University of Minnesota is part of the Big Ten Conference, an organization that fosters intercollegiate sports, primarily in large state universities. Recently, the U of MN has made local headlines for offering esports scholarships to students -- for...