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Interview with Path of Exile Streamer KittenCatNoodle

Nov 2, 2017

KittenCatNoodle recently became a full-time Twitch streamer, and mostly plays Path of Exile. We sat down for an interview with her and chatted about her streaming career, Path of Exile, and her hopes for the future of the game. You can follow KittenCatNoodle on her Twitch and Twitter.

KittenCatNoodle’s Streaming Journey

Stephen Draper (EE): You just came back from TwitchCon, right? How was it?

KittenCatNoodle (KCN): Twitch Con was awesome! It was so fun to see so many people I know from the streaming community, either viewers or streamers. Definitely want to go to the next one!

(Photo via KittenCatNoodle’s Twitter.)

EE: When did you start streaming?

KCN: I started streaming in the middle of October 2016, so it’s been about a year!

EE: What made you choose to stream Path of Exile?

KCN: I was looking for a new, fun, free-to-play game. I had mostly been playing retro games. I saw a thread on Reddit about “your favorite free-to-play games,” and one of the suggestions was Path of Exile. It seemed interesting, so I decided to try it out.

EE: Was the community welcoming?

KCN: Definitely! My first day streaming [Path of Exile] was also my first day playing it, and I got hosted by CuteDog. It was the most viewers and interaction I had experienced in streaming until that point. It was so fun!

EE: You’ve had stints streaming for other communities. How does the Path of Exile community compare?

KCN: Path of Exile was the first community that made me feel like my channel could really grow and that streaming full-time might ever be a viable option for me. And here I am! Just went full time.

EE: We’ve all heard the issues that female streamers face. Do you feel that they have affected how you stream?

KCN: It can be tough. It’s a catch-22, in a lot of ways. You can’t deny that dressing up and looking pretty for stream attracts more viewers, but it’s also not the kind of attention you want for your stream. For me, I like to focus on gameplay and being entertaining and engaged. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of deflecting that kind of attention. It still happens. I know a lot of girls struggle with this, and some embrace it.

EE: What’s your favourite part about streaming?

KCN: My favorite part is having a community of awesome people. I love my chat. People are hilarious, insightful, and supportive. It’s amazing!

EE: Least favorite part of streaming?

KCN: Honestly? Not being able to eat for long periods. I get hangry. You know me.

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Path of Exile Streaming

EE: How long have you been playing Path of Exile?

KCN: My first day playing Path of Exile was my first day streaming it. I’ve been playing since November 2016!

EE: What’s your favorite Path of Exile build?

KCN: I have two favorites. In terms of grinding, the Solar Guards spectre build was really easy and fun to play. But my absolute favorite was my Storm Burst CwC Frost Bolt build, mostly because I made it. And the clear speed was insane. The only issue was killing a reflect monster off screen and one-shotting yourself…

EE: Favourite league?

KCN: Breach. By far. No question. Granted, it’s the first league I got to play fully. But I’ll never stop loving breaches!

(Photo via KittenCatNoodle’s Instagram.)

EE: Do you enjoy the Harbinger mechanics? Thoughts on Beachhead?

KCN: I like Beachhead for the EXP. Unfortunately, I think the map itself is bland and I’m a fan of aesthetics. I didn’t find much thrill in running into Harbingers in game either. It’s a little extra EXP for blue packs, but then they explode into chump change. No mirror shards for me… I’m not bitter or anything.

EE: You tend to play enjoyable builds over ‘zoom zoom’ builds. Why is that?

KCN: I love how customizable builds can be in Path of Exile. I don’t really see it as a game “to beat,” I see it more as a game of, “can I do that? What content will that get me through?” Like trap flame dash totems. It’s a dumb idea. But for some reason it works! I would say it’s more of a “why not?” question for me than anything. I like to be entertained, and I like to be challenged.

EE: Does your chat ever try to ‘teach’ you to play better/faster? What’s your reaction?

KCN: Definitely. I think there are two ways to help. One is to suggest an improvement on an existing build or situation, such as mechanics of a boss fight, and the other is pointing out a better node to path to in the skill tree. I like those kinds of help. I don’t like when people “help” by saying things like “You’re playing that build? You should do Vaal Cyclone!” or “Why are you playing a bad build?”

Looking Forward

EE: What are you hoping to see in Path of Exile’s December expansion, content-wise?

KCN: We need more end-game content! More maps, or a different mechanic to maps. It looked like there may be a new map-fragment in GGG’s recent teaser of new Uniques. Maybe some Atziri or Shaper type situation. I’m intrigued by that. Maybe that means something like new guardians? This league, once you got to maps, it was the same content. And for me, that’s where I spend most of my time: in end-game.

EE: If you could change one thing about Path of Exile, what would it be?

KCN: I’m not sure! I think GGG does a good job of adding new and interesting changes to shake up the game. Maybe a map tab? My poor stash.

EE: What advice do you have for someone wanting to break into Path of Exile streaming? Do you think it’s sustainable for newcomers?

KCN: It was the best thing for me as a newcomer, and I definitely think it’s sustainable. The big thing is to go into the chats of other Path of Exile streamers and talk to them. Don’t be afraid to whisper people for help. I’m pretty bad about asking for help myself but every time I have, the community has been so kind and willing. Make yourself known in chats. Don’t advertise while they’re streaming, like, “I’m about to start in 10 minutes!” But when I go to host people, I look in “Path of Exile” for familiar faces and if I see someone I know streaming, I like to pass on a host! Go talk to people. And good luck!

We’d like to thank KittenCatNoodle for her time and insight. Check her out Twitch and Twitter.

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