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Interview with Path of Exile Streamer KittenCatNoodle

KittenCatNoodle recently became a full-time Twitch streamer, and mostly plays Path of Exile. We sat down for an interview with her and chatted about her streaming career, Path of Exile, and her hopes for the future of the game. You...
Welcome to Dota, you suck. Take a virtual tour of the best Dota 2 YouTube channels.

The Best Dota 2 YouTube Channels

Can't get enough Dota? Feeling empty now that The International has ended? New player looking to immerse yourself in the greatest MOBA ever created? Don't worry, there are lots of great Dota 2 channels on YouTube to keep you busy. Dota...
It's finally here. If you're celebrating the Fall of Oriath launch, join these Path of Exile streamers for build ideas, good times, and more.

Path of Exile Streamers to Watch This Weekend

We've all been getting ready for the launch of Fall of Oriath. None of us more than the streamers who are planning on logging several hundred hours this weekend when the game's 3.0 expansion finally launches today. (The math...