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Molten Strike

Path of Exile: Nebuloch Molten Strike Juggernaut Guide

Before we jump in, you should know that this guide is going to be focused around one of the strongest builds in Path of Exile right now. The purpose of the Path of Exile Molten Strike Juggernaut build is to...
PoE Delve League Banner

Path of Exile: Is Delve Overpowered?

Now that Betrayal has been out for nearly a month, it’s time to discuss a pressing power-creep issue: Delve League is overpowered. Now that it is a permanent addition to Path of Exile, it is time we address the fact...
Path of Exile Betrayal League

Path of Exile Betrayal League: The Best League so Far?

The new Path of Exile Betrayal League has been out for nearly two weeks now, and it has been a tough journey. Right off the bat there were a ton of things that were done perfectly, but there have...
Herald of Agony

Path of Exile: Defensive Herald of Agony Build

This Herald of Agony build is something crafted by the streamer Nugiyen. It is based on a build that was posted on the forums, and utilizes maximum block chances. Nugi took this build, kept the core, and swapped the...
Delve Screenshots

What Is the Future of Path of Exile’s Delve League?

The newest Path of Exile league, Delve, also introduced the Delve mechanic. You journey down into an infinite dungeon which gets progressively harder the further you go. You can also go sideways, allowing for infinite exploration even if you...

What to Expect from Path of Exile’s Newest Expansion: Delve

The new Path of Exile (PoE) expansion, Delve, comes out this week on August 31. I personally couldn’t be more excited, because this expansion has the potential to be their best in a long time. Along with the many quality...

Path of Exile Elemental Hit Guide

If you’ve been playing Path of Exile this league, you’ll be very aware of Elemental Hit. They released two new threshold jewels for the build that took it from ‘barely playable’ to ‘the most overpowered build under the sun’....
Path of Exile

Path of Exile: Beginner’s Guide to Loot

Path of Exile Loot Path of Exile is far more than just another Diablo clone, but the game is, ultimately, all about looting. The game gives you nearly infinite customization options and a million possible builds to experiment with, but at the...

Bestiary – the Worst-iary League

Anyone who reads my writing knows how much I love Path of Exile. So, you’ll know how impactful it is when I say that this league is terrible. The Bestiary league is by far the worst league I’ve experienced,...
Ascendancy Changes

Path of Exile: Ascendancy Buffs

A lot of changes are coming to Path of Exile with the launch of Bestiary league: new league mechanics, new uniques, and new skills. But we’re also getting massive changes to the core gameplay in the form of ascendancy...

Path of Exile: Introducing Bestiary League

It’s that time again! Over the next few weeks Abyss League will be ending, and Path of Exile will be starting its new league: Bestiary League. As the name implies, it’s all about capturing the beasts of Wraeclast. Many are...
Path of Exile Witch

Path of Exile: Witch Leveling Guide

When many gamers start a new character build in Path of Exile, they usually run into the same problem: how to level up effectively. Every type of build levels differently. That being said, when leveling a specific class you can always...